Day 265: Operation Day!

19 03 2012

Hi guys just on my way to Gillies hospital for my surgery. I will be in for about two days and then will have to recover for about three weeks until I can get back in to the gym. Looking forward to it.


Love J.L



Day 255: Hello Friday!!!

9 03 2012

Hi guys very short blog post tonight!

Just wanted to let you guys know what I have been up to over the past couple of days!

So yesterday I went to work at 9.30am and worked for about 3 hours, had finished all my work by 12.30 so my boss sent me home.

I decided to go to my friend Ashlee’s just to chill,watch Ashley Tisdale youtube videos, and then we came across the Kony 2012 video. I wont voice my opinion like the other gazillion people who are doing so on facebook. I will keep my thoughts and opinions to myself. But worth a watch if you have a half an hour to spare!


Last night I spent the night at Jeremy’s and we hung out and watched tv together. I cooked a spag bol meal which was nice and we headed off to bed around 1am.

I had a meeting early this morning at Auckland Rugby League about a few things, and lets just say the future may be looking a little bit brighter for me. Thank goodness!! I feel like I need a turn of good fate after being ill for the past couple of months. I am also happy to say that I enquired about gym fees, personal trainers and rehabilitation today so should be ready to get in to slowly hopefully next week. Although I will be interrupted by my operation in another 10 days so I may need to leave it until my operation is finished. I have been told no heavy lifting for a little while after my operation and to maybe stay out of the pool to let my wounds heal, so not sure exactly when I can get back into it and not sure exactly what I will be able to start off doing but the good thing is that I know that I will be getting back into it soon!


Ok that’s enough babbling for today. I have a couple of dvds to watch with Jeremy tonight so I better get into them now.


Lots of Love J.L


Day 253: Healing time, nutrition class and netball!

7 03 2012

Hi everyone,

It’s good to be back after being sick for about 4 weeks straight. I am definitely on the mend, I am back at work, back at my nutrition classes on a Monday night, back in to netball coaching and exciting news….back into exercise in one more week! Yay I absolutely cannot wait. I have a green prescription as well which makes things a bit cheaper for me. But I have been advised to get a personal trainer as my doctor does not trust me just yet, not to go all out and injure myself again…apparently I need some guidance!

So I will have a personal trainer to work with once or twice a week who will work along side my doctor and he will work me through my rehabilitation step by step. It will take a while for me to be able to get back in to full motion, but at least I can start. So where can I start you may ask? First, in a weeks time I can get back into the pool. I have been advised just to start off doing 10 minutes only for a few days a week and then I can increase this by 2 minutes every third day, if my body is coping. I can also get in to the gym for some light weight work. Once again I will need a trainer to help me and make sure I am not lifting too heavy or over doing it.

On the bright side I have been told that if I can get in to the swing of things and build up my strength again I may be able to cope with playing netball once a week. I wont be able to play prems again with all of the training and the games, but I was told I may be able to play a game of netball once a week. That is my goal, but as I said before it will take a while to get to that point.


I also have an operation coming up, that will be a big help with my health issues. It is on the 19th of March and they are removing the cyst, which is great news. I will be out of action for a little while, but I will still be able to attend my nutrition classes and coach from the sideline!

Now I went to my first nutrition class on Monday night. I tell you it was so good to be back! I had missed everyone incredibly and just the support and positive vibe that came from the session was enough to get me motivated again and get started back on the right track. I am pleased as I haven’t put too much weight back on, considering my sickness, and not being able to exercise for the last 6 months. Our class was on breakfast, and the importance of breakfast to losing weight. So I had a very yummy breakfast on Tuesday morning…1 egg, half a capsicum, 1/4 onion, 1/2 tomato all scrambled up together on a piece of whole grain toast. And what a difference that did for my day. I chomped on a carrot at about 10am and by lunch time I wasn’t starving which is what I usually am by that time. However I did go down to the cafe down the road and got a caesar salad with out the anchovies and cheese. I enjoyed it very much and had a yummy vegetable soup for dinner.

I am carrying around a drink bottle with me again so that I can keep up my water intake, and changing my morning coffee’s for a cup of hot raspberry herbal tea.

I am going to stop here, so that i can explain a bit more in tomorrow’s post. I am glad to be back and I hope that my health can carry my through the following months as I start exercising again.


Lots of LOVE



Day 236: Sicknesses, Samoan Sports Awards, Broken Down Car!

19 02 2012

Hi guys

This last week I have been pretty unwell and have had to take a few days off work. But I have been eating relatively healthy. I missed my first nutrition class though which I was absolutely guttered about. I spent that evening tucked up in bed. I am sure there are bugs going around at the moment. My water intake has improved though. I am looking forward to Monday coming for the nutrition class and to get myself cooking and familiar with the kitchen again!

Other news, I was lucky enough to get to the Samoan Sports Awards last night with Jeremy, my mum and my brother. What a lovely evening! There were so many great sports stars there and it was great to see so many of them being recognised. Well done to Jerome Kaino for winning sportsman of the year. Another highlight of the night was hearing Buck Stowers speech after he received his award. He does a lot of work with people who need to lose weight and does a fantastic job helping people get their lives back on track. It was amazing to hear what inspired him to get going with his program and to carry it out for the 5th year this year. Also another highlight was hearing Len Brown speak, what a funny man!

So on our way home from the sports awards my car broke down, we had to call aa and then wait for a tow truck to take us back home! Oh what drama! My car is now parked on the roadside, and I am dreading taking it to the workshop, who knows how much it will cost to fix! Anyone know a good mechanic??

Anyway I am looking forward to this week. I am feeling a whole lot better, I look forward to getting in to the pool, maybe going for a small slow walk. I have also been told that in another month or two I may be able to get back in the gym with the help of a trainer to guide me through some rehab exercises! I am looking forward to this very much. It feels like it has been so long since I was last at the gym.

Team 4 for College Rifles has now been picked and we start trainings next week in time for the preseason competition! I am looking forward to this season and seeing how the girls progress.

That is all my news for today, it is such a gorgeous day outside. I for one am not going to waste such beautiful weather and am going to soak in the sun for a few minutes. Would really like to get down to my batch sometime soon!

Happy weekend everyone

Love J.L


Day 228: Being sick, nutrition class coming up and valentines day love!

11 02 2012

Hey guys

Over the last couple of days I havent been too well, and have had a couple of days off work. Been feeling fluey and all round just run down. Think the long hours and not enough rest is catching up with me. So I haven’t yet been in the pool. But I have been drinking lots and lots of water and have been keeping my portions sizes small and have really been watching what I consume.

Good thing is next week my nutrition classes start up again which I am really excited about. This will really get me motivated and get me back on track cooking healthy nutritious meals full of protein.

On another note. Since I can no longer play my favourite sport (netball) I have decided to manage/co coach a team at college rifles. I am excited as I have only ever coached a school team. This team will be team 4 but will still be grading for Senior A so I am extra excited. I have a meeting tomorrow.

Valentines day is coming up and I hope you all have something planned for your loved one! And if you are lucky enough to be free, single and loving your independent life…good on ya! Make the most of not having to spend money on roses and chocolates just yet!!

Love always





8 02 2012

Hey my friends!

It has been 27 days since I have written, and let me tell you, I feel extremely ashamed, embarrassed and just down right annoyed at myself. Not just because I have ditched my online journal for the past month, but because I have slowly put some weight back on. Now as I see it I have exactly 140 days until my blog posts have been up for a year. I really need to get going again, slim down, shed these extra unwanted kilos and live a better life for myself. So I think, to start, I will give you a quick low down of what I have been doing over the past 27 days and then move on to my plan from here on…

So on the 14th of January Jeremy and I hosted our engagement party by the garden inn hotel pool, with lots of food and drink, a couple of speeches and great mingling til early hours of the morning. Heres a picture of the two of us on the evening.


I also have been to and from different doctors, medical advisors, scans and ultra sounds and have finally been told what I have. After all of the testing, seeking advise from so many different people, being told what I can and can’t do… I went to see a muscular-skeletal doctor who has told me I have marfans syndrome which is basically where all of my connective tissue that supports my muscles and bones is too flexible, so it stretches way past what they should, which causes a lot of strain on my joints,muscles and bones. So basically no more weight baring exercises, no running, no netball…ever again. But I can continue to swim and I can go back to the gym but I will be restricted to certain exercises and will have to perform these exercises in a very specific way! I also am going to be having surgery to remove my cyst on my ovary, cut out any endo etc.

I have also been continuing both jobs at Auckland Rugby League and at the Nood store at the Apex centre. So have been busy working and saving and saving.


Last week also, my poor aunty Mary Yandall passed away. Many of you may have heard of her or seen her, or heard her sing. She was one of the three yandall sisters. Her funeral was such a lovely send off and was then followed by her memorial party with lots more singing.



So now I have to really get back on track with my eating again. Tomorrow i will need to start by drinking my 8 glasses of water, and grab a good filling breakfast before work and making sure I get my 3 main meals and six snacks. I have been given the green light to get back in to the pool which I am very excited about. I am a little nervous, I must say, it has been such a long time since I last exercised and I will be so unfit. But i will need to make sure this doesn’t get me too down. Fitness can always be regained!


Talk again tomorrow.

That’s a promise.

Love J.L


Day 198: If things aren’t going right for you now…weight it out!

12 01 2012

Hey guys!

Supper short post tonight!

I am so excited to day as I ahve had some really good news, but cannot share it with you guys just yet, so you will just have to sit tight!

My day was quite busy. I started work at 8am and finished at about 6.30pm. I went to a friend to get a spray tan (my first one) and I absolutely love it! I love being brown, apart from being slim it is my favourite thing ever!

I haven’t been out much, I am always cooped up indoors at work so haven’t been able to see the little sun that we have gotten. I am pasty pasty! Gross! Not any more though!

Busy day again tomorrow so am going to hit the sack but before I go il let you know what i ate today.

Breakfast: Coffee and Toast

Morning Tea: Banana and apple

Lunch: Roasted veges with a tiny bit of lasagne

Afternoon tea: Carrot and some vita wheat crackers

Dinner: Skinless breast chicken with salad and a bit of rice

Tea: Tuna on vita wheat crackers!


That’s all im capable of tonight sorry, I am falling asleep writing this!

Love J.L