From the beginning…

28 06 2011

I decided right from the beginning that I will not hold back with this blog. That means, all embarrassment put aside, sharing with you every detail and I hope to make friends or followers along the way who may decide to join me.

So below are my measurements. You must first understand that this is extremely hard for me to share, the aspect of my life which I am most self conscious is my weight!! But I think for this challenge to be truly successful I must be 100% honest and try to find comfort with all of your support (hopefully)!!

I will create a separate tab under my home page to keep track of my weight and measurements, before and after pics, and a template for those who want to follow me to copy.

As you can probably tell, I am fully trying my best to dodge the dreaded WEIGH IN! So with out you having to read any further

here it is THE ULTIMATE TRUTH… (no laughing please!)

Weight:  111.7 kgs

Chest: 114cm

Upper Left Arm (fattest bit): 37cm

Waist (belly button): 106cm

Hips (widest area usually mid of bum): 120cm

Upper Left Thigh (fattest bit): 75cm

Body Fat (sub-scapular): 42

Body Fat (tricep): 32

Body Fat (abdomen): 50

Blood Pressure: 130/70

omg …. f**** my life. 

Love J.L





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