Hello anyone?

28 06 2011

This is my 365 day weight loss journal. I anticipate a year of highs and lows, successes and fails, tears and laughter.

I’ve figured that if I feel as if people are following this blog I may take this weight loss thing a bit more seriously. So I benefit by hopefully staying motivated and writing about my workout sessions everyday and you guys benefit being entertained by me slaving away and slashing a shit load of weight.

I will be working out on a 6 DAY Timetable. Week starting on Monday, ending on Saturday. Sun= DAY OFF!

I will weigh in every week on Monday, and take measurements every month on Monday.

My workouts will be based on this routine:


Monday: Legs workout and tummy

Tuesday: 20min interval Cardio and tummy

Wednesday: Personal training session Arms and tummy

Thursday: 20 min interval Cardio and tummy

Friday: Legs workout and tummy

Saturday: 20min interval Cardio and tummy

Sunday: Free day!


Next post will be my weight and measurements along with my day 1 of exercise. Here goes!

Love J.L





One response

30 06 2011

Well done sending you love and support for your weight loss journey love you Uncle Isaac

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