About me: Juanita Leilani

28 06 2011

me bottom left with nana and 2 cousins

Good Bye Flabs, you will not be missed!

I am a 22 year old, kiwi born female, enslaved by my Pacific Island genes. Being of Pacific Island descent you are pretty much guaranteed to be the big-boned and curvaceous sort.

And being educated at Diocesan School For Girls Auckland, surrounded by pretty petite white girls didn’t exactly help this feeling of being BIG.

I know it is not impossible for Pacific Island women to lose weight but it just seems like we need to work a lot harder, unfair but true.

So after my constant battle of losing weight and gaining it again, I have decided to start this blog, A 365 day weight loss challenge, sharing all my intimate details on a daily basis with you lovely people.

Get ready for the ultimate 365 day roller coaster of emotions as I take on my Pacific Island Genes!!

Love  J.L




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