Day 3: Motivated!

30 06 2011


I forgot to tell you guys in the last blog that yesterday I had a massive breakdown with my boyfriend.  We went shopping and I tried on this Khaki Trench coat, size 14!  The shop assistant kindly added “that’s our biggest size”, ok yea thanks for that!

 I held it up, “you’re so not gonna fit that you fat ass” came the reply from inside my head.Shit why not try it anyway.Guess what??

Did not fit!!…I walked out of the shop pretending to be absolutely fine, and waited until I got somewhere out of sight to cry on my boyfriends shoulder. Such a sook, i know. oh well saved myself $200.

That was my motivation from lastnight. This morning I woke up and for fucks sake the first thing I wanted to do for the day was devour one of those deepfried lasagnes from BP cafe! Y?? I have no bloody idea. So instead I dragged my ass to the gym to do my cardio and tummy exercises for the day, after my workout I guzzled a protein shake which ended up taking away my cravings for that greasy lasagne!

I did the same routine as tuesday, on the bike but this time instead of 9.3km in 20mins I did 9.5km, which I know is only an extra 200metres but a little is better than nothing. I jumped off the bike sweating like a pig and hobbled along to the ladys gym where I began my tummy exercises.

1st exercise: 20 situps 

2nd exercise: 20 leg extensions… lying on back, both legs in the air one bent and one straight, hands behind head,head lifted, stomach tightened, and alternating legs being bent and straight.

3rd exercise: 20 Heel taps…lying on back with feet on floor, knees bent (about a foot away from your bottom) and bending from side to side to touch your ankles.

4th exercise: 20 Side crunches on each side…lying on back with feet on floor, knees bent. Slope your legs to the left,so that they are on an angle, put your right hand behind your head and lift up on an angle. After 20 repetitions turn over and repeat on your right side.

I did two sets of these 4 different exercises. Sounds easy but it ends up being a total of 200 crunches. Today I got to the gym at 9.30am and was out of there by 10.15am. 45 mins and I’m done for the day.

It’s sunny so Im going shopping today, hopefully a better experience than yesterday! Maybe I will buy a size smaller so I have to work extra hard to fit it soon? Not sure, but will let you know tomorrow.


Love J.L





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