Day 9: She’s back

6 07 2011

Kia Ora everyone, (thought i’d add in my maori word for maori language week!)

Today I felt well enough to get my ARSE to the gym! And I am so glad that I did…

Although I know that I missed 3 crucial days, I didn’t want to over do it and get sick again so I stuck to a basic 20min cardio routine along with 3 sets of three exercises to workout my tummy and my lower back (the bits that stick out when you wear jeans too tight and end up with a muffin top!) By the way those side flabs are really hard to get aren’t they??

I got on the bike and started my 2min warm up and level 10 and followed the following technique:

1min @ level 11, rate per min at 84-87

1min @ level 12, rpm at 87-90

1min @ level 13, rpm at 90-93

1min @ level 14, rpm at 93-96

After this set, I repeated this 3 more times. On the 4th set I added on 1min @ level 15, rpm at 96-100! This minute literally felt like 10mins! My legs were going as fast as possible, and i was puffing like I had asthma. But I got through it. After this I did

1min @ level 10 to warm down …

Guess wat???     This session I rode 9.7kms in 20 mins. That’s another 200meters better than last time, so either I’m getting a little fitter, or my legs are strengthening….its a goody!

These were my 3 exercises:

The hanging leg raise! 

Basically you have to hold your body up while pulling your legs up to your chest. For those that can do it, they make it look easy. For the rest of us, well, it’s kind of sad (and kind of funny) to watch. I decided I was okay with making a fool of myself and get on.

– 3 sets of 10 leg raises!

The ab cruncher!

The perfect machine for anyone working to achieve powerful, tight, abs! Smooth-moving mechanisms and solid workmanship isolate abdominal muscles for a complete workout. Cushioned seat, ankle supports and handle grips make for an effective and comfortable work out.

-3 sets of 15 on weight 15kgs

Roman Chair back hyperextension!

The PowerLine Roman Chair Back Hyperextension allows you to build critical core abdominal and lower back strength as well as work your glutes and hamstrings.

– 3 sets of 10.

That’s it for exercise….but always wanted to let you guys know about the protein shake that im currently using…

Ladies do not be scared away!!! protein shakes are good if you can find the right one! Here is what I use and why.

Why does Sculpt work?

  • You feel fuller – which means you’re less inclined to overeat
  • You stay satisfied for longer – that helps avoid cravings
  • You enjoy a steady release of energy with more stable blood sugar levels for better appetite control
  • Your metabolism gets a lift – protein requires more energy to digest, and it’s harder to store as body fat

O.M.G! I have to say that this is the most tastiest protein shake i’ve ever tasted in my life! I am in love with the cafe latte flavour, but they have other flavours too, like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.
This protein shake is low in fat, low in sugar, low in carb and its especially created for women. All you have to do is mix with water or milk, add ice for a more frothy milkshake. This is a great after work out drink! I totally recommend this to all women!!!

Because I missed 3 days while being sick, I will exercise the next 3 sundays which are normally my days off to make up for it!

That’s all from me for tonight, make sure to stay warm in this crazy mutha effa cold weather!

Love J.L





2 responses

7 07 2011

Love the name of your blog. Keep it up. There are members of the CCC documenting their weight loss as well and I’m inspired by them. Keep it up and keep it “down.” Check you later 🙂

7 07 2011

I have just had a quick squiz at your blog, its very amusing. i have subscribed already!

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