Day 10: Found a Gym buddy

7 07 2011

Hey everyone,

First I just wanted to let you all know that I received comments from fellow bloggers today, from different parts of the world. I was so excited as these were the first comments that I have had outside family and friends etc.

Today I warmed up with a tight game of indoor netball where our team was playing for 3rd and 4th place. We won by 5 goals.

My boyfriend set his garage up into a gym with weights and a blasting sound system for amping! He asked whether I would want to train together with him in the new gym, and I reluctantly said yes. You should know that I am a overly competitive person. I like to do things faster, I like to do things stronger, I generally like to do things BETTER. So when I say I reluctantly said yes, it is because I didn’t want to end up getting in to an argument over something stupid….but…. we agreed to a happy workout and that’s exactly what happened!

We were obviously lifting different weights but we did the exact same routine together. Here is what we did…

1. Single arm row:

10 kg dumbbell – 15 repetitions on each side

2. Women’s Pressups

15 women’s pressups

3. Dumbbell – snatch

7 kg dumbbell – 15 repetitions on each arm

4. Bicep curl into shoulder press

15 repetition on each arm


We did 3 sets of this routine!



1. Sit up punches

20 repetitions

2. Side crunches

15 crunches on each side

3. Normal crunches

15 repetitions

4. Legs pushed up and out.

15 repetitions

                    leg drop

We did 3 sets of this routune.

Our training session went on a bit longer than orginally expected never the less we worked out butts off and will most probably feel the effects tomorrow. Until then…

Love J.L





One response

8 07 2011

It’s cool to have a worldwide support group isn’t it?

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