Day 11: 12 week weight loss for money??

8 07 2011

Hello ello!

So today I had an extremely slow day, I was extra tired and felt a bit dazed for some reason. May have been the intense workout from last night?

So at 5pm I headed to the gym up the road and did my usual 20 min cardio workout on the bike. I did the same kms as last time. 9.7km in 20 mins.

I also had a text from a guy in Onehunga who is setting up a 12 week weight loss challenge. He informed me that the cost is $49 for the entire 12 weeks. Once a week you meet all together for a weigh in and measurements etc and they set up a half hour class about eating habbits etc, and you leave with a weight loss folder.

The thing that enticed me the most is that because it is a competition, the winner….get this…. wins the prize pool of money!!! So the $49 that you put in goes in to the prize pool. There are 25 competitors and the biggest loser wins! That’s $1250 to win, now  How is that for a challenge?

It sounds fantastic and definitely more motivation to keep going!

So next thursday I think il be heading down to the meeting to join, even if I do not win I’ll be meeting a group of people with the same goals as I have and who knows where it may lead.

I cant weight!!! hahaha

Also today I purchased the Kim kardashian workout series “Fit your jeans by friday workout”. I don’t know about you guys but I think she’s amazing… so lets hope the dvds are delivered soon so that I can share with you what i think. Good thing is, if it works I can let you know and you can purchase your own, and if it doesn’t you guys wont have to waste money!

Tomorrows workout is lower body, so il be back at the gym.

I also have a breakfast date with a good friend tomorrow morning to catchup so il try and be as good as possible while choosing off the menu!

See y’all tomorrow

Love J.L





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