Day 12: Exhausted!!

9 07 2011

Hey guys.

So this mornings breakie date with my friend Nora went well, we caught up on a whole lot of stuff and endulged in a hearty meal. We both ordered the same thing… check it out.

Eggs benedict….not usually a fan of this meal but at Blossom’s cafe in Kumeu I was pleasantly surprised.

I ordered the holondaise on the side so I could control the amount I drizzled on…and may I add… barely any! Also enjoyed a freshly squeezed glass of orange and a trim hot chocolate, so over all not too bad.

Although I did decide that I was more than deserving of a melting moment, so had one for afternoon tea.

I did however work double time at the gym this afternoon to work off my breakfast and now am absolutely exhausted! I think almost every bit of my body is in some sort of pain… but pain is beauty….so they say?? I started with my usual cardio routine, and I swear I rode the shit out of that bike, I could not have pedaled any faster or harder. I managed an all time high 9.8kms in 20mins…(remember the resistant levels vary from 10-15 during the 20mins). wooooooh so im pretty happy with that attempt.

I wobbled over to the women’s gym to begin my lower body and tummy exercises here is what I did.


1st exercise: Leg extensions                                 Followed by step ups                                 

15 repetitions, 28 kg weight                                        15 repetitions on each leg



2nd exercise: leg curls                                     Followed by squats with medicine ball                  

15 repetitions, 15 kg weight                                           15 repetitions, 3 kg medicine ball



3rd exercise: leg press

3 sets of 15 repetitions, 35 kg weight

Now for tummy exercises, these exercise seemed extremely hard today, i don’t know whether my tummy flabs are extra weak or whether these particular exercises are difficult??

1st exercise: heel taps                                             2nd exercise: side v crunch                              

15 repetitions                                                                     15 repetitions each side


3rd: exercise: lower abdominal workout

20 repetitions

ps: do you like the creepy old guy in that last picture?? kinda freaky but the best one i could find….sorry!

After all this exercise, i wound down in the sauna for 10 minutes before showering up.

Im pleased with the effort I put in today, but though I’d better work hard as Im out for dinner with Jeremy tonight….

Daikoku Teppanyaki Restaurant where they cook in front of you. cant wait, I absolute love  Japanese food!!!!

Here is where we are going…

Looks like im going to have to work hard tomorrow at the gym as well.

Happy Saturday evening…go crusaders!!!

Love J.L





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