Day 13: Pilates

10 07 2011

Hey all!

So today I thought i would head to the gym round 3pm. Totally didn’t know that it closes at 2pm so ended up back at home for a tummy, legs and butt workout with some pilates videos from youtube.

I have to say that pilates is so hard, im not very flexible so when the instructor on the video was flexing her legs up behind her head, mine were barely off the floor. But I tried my best and my ass feels like its broken, so i think it was a success. Funny how the exercises aren’t strenuous at all and the instructor doesn’t look like she’s broken a sweat… i however at this very point in time look over heated and am finding I am having to drag my legs while I walk. I guess it is only day 13, I really can’t wait to see what I’m like at the end of this 365 day challenge.

On the food side of things, didn’t have too much to eat today, i guess the medication that I’m still on for glandular fever sort of suppresses my hunger a little bit. My mum is making a Sunday roast pork, after smelling it being cooked for half the day I kind of don’t want it anymore.

In other news, our social netball team is in the finals tomorrow night. We really want to beat this other team because they’re … DUMB! sorry i should probably be more articulate, but that was the first word that came to mind.

Also the Silver ferns take on those silly Aussies again tonight, so ill be sitting in front of tv with mums sunday roast dinner watching my favourite netball team hopefully kick some ass.

Have a good sunday night, and get ready to tackle the next week with some serious energy!

Love J.L





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