Day 14: feeling like ive been run over by a train and it’s only Monday??

11 07 2011

Evening everyone!

First, what a sad game lastnight. It was the most nerve racking game, I was on the edge of my seat the entire 74minutes! Good effort by Casey and her team.

So Today I pretty much indulged in exercise. I went to the gym at 6pm and rode the bike again like crazy. 9.85km in 20 mins. I seem to be getting just that little bit better each time.

I then decided to join the 6.30pm zumba class wiggling my hips, and prancing around like a headless chicken for an hour. I literally felt like I was 10 again, but everyone else looked just as stupid as I did, so not to worry.

I then drove down to the netball courts where we took on the No Fear team in the final game to defend our title. And ofcourse we came out on top and won a bar tab at the local tank stop and a voucher towards next seasons fees. I was pretty nakard after what I felt was an exceptional effort to exercise today.

Here’s our team with the shield…

So that is all for today, short and sweet. Will see you guys tomorrow.

Peace out

Love J.L





4 responses

12 07 2011

The first few weeks I started a workout schedule it did feel like I had been run over by a train! Very good analogy!

Keep up the good work on and off line. I’m cheering for you!

12 07 2011

Thank you for your support! The comments and encouragement from everyone so far has been the main drive and motivation for me!
I appreciate your feedback and also loved your blog about summer sandals!

12 07 2011

omg, you’re fierce with the workout … u go girl!!!!!!!

12 07 2011

Cousin fred!

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