Wk 3: Day 15~ Amped yo!

12 07 2011


Today I was totally amped for a good workout, and unlike yesterday I am amped for this week! I also weighed in today, so continue reading to find out how I did in the 2nd week.

This morning since I was up earlyish I thought why not a morning workout?

First the 9am abs class was pretty good. Not as strenuous as I thought, but a perfect way to start this mornings workout…and it was led by the cutest old chinese man! He was so cut up for an old man and he definitely knew his stuff. I learnt something new today too…

     This is kinda what he looked like….well not really but close to it?? laugh out loud!

Any way apparently most of us execute our tummy exercises totally incorrect, which is why getting that perfect rippled looking stomach is so hard to obtain.


1stly we have outer and inner abdominal muscles (i did not know that), and when we usually perform a crunch or situp we tend to use the outer abdominals. The inner abdominals usually get ignored. When we are only working the outer abdominals they get stronger but you probably wont see any shrinkage of your waist so to speak, because the inner abdominals aren’t tightening up. So to work your inner abdominals while performing a sit up you must crunch without your tummy protruding outwards, your tummy must stay firm and tucked in. It sounds a bit strange…and this explanation is in my own words… but i will add pictures to explain!

Look carefully at how this guy is exhaling and at the same time pulling in his tummy muscles before he goes into a crunch


And in this picture he is still pulling in his tummy while he performs the crunch.

Apparently this will make a huge difference to the results you’ll achieve when doing your everyday crunches!


Moving on… I also went to the 9.30am flex class which seizes the opportunity to gain a sexy athletic physique in minimal time. Together as a class you use time proven barbell moves to kick-start your metabolism into a higher gear. Suitable for all. Duration: 55 mins.

Expected Results

– More toned muscles

– Burn more body fat

– Stronger bones


This class was awesome, I had an intense fully body workout! We warmed up before getting right in to a lower body workout followed by an upper body workout and finishing with 10minutes of abdominal work and stetching.

Apart from a boot camp that I participated in a while back, I don’t think I have ever been to a class like this where I felt I had a full body bashing!

I finished off with my favourite Cafe Latte protein shake and a little rest before my indoor netball game tonight.

So will most probably try another morning class at the gym tomorrow.

SO this week I lost only 0.7kg, but my goal is to lose between 0.5-1kg per week…so I guess it is still with in my goal and I also had quite a big loss last week. Hopefully I can improve this number for next weeks weigh in!

So far 2 weeks and 2.8kgs down… not too bad if I may say so myself!


Love J.L





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