Day 16: The sorest bum like you wouldn’t believe!

13 07 2011

Hey everyone!

Usually I try and refrain from using derogatory language in my blog so that I can appeal to a wider age group of readers, but this afternoon during and after my spin class my vajayjay hurt so bad from the stupid bicycle seat. Why is it that the seat is so small? Do they purposely want to trick you in to thinking that your bum is larger than what it actually is… resulting in such a painful bike ride…eventuating in your eagerness to return to spin class to lose this massive bum of yours? 

I guess in the end it doesn’t really matter and both parties win right?  The cycling instructor wins because you return to the 6pm class every second day and cycle your way in to what feels like a self induced coma at the end of the 45 minutes…and you, yourself win because you lose about 3 litres of fluid in sweat, and that large bum of yours tightens just that little bit more each class!!

This evening I feel like I have literally totured myself. My arms are weak. My legs are numb. My butt is broken… is this normal?? Most probably… I mean we hear it all the time…. no pain no gain?? I just honestly hope that at the end of this week I have dropped a massive amount on those scales that I so dearly DREAD! Although it is only wednesday so far this week I have put in 120% effort in to exercise and have really watched what I am consuming in terms of food and drink. I am drinking a whole lot more water… and in return my body is rewarding me with numerous bowel movements! Sounds disgusting but my metabolism is definitely kicking into gear… which makes me excited!

Hopefully tomorrow morning I am feeling energised to do the 9am abs class and 9.30am sculpt class.

You’ll be hearing from me very shortly.


Love J.L





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