Day 17: 11am and all exercised out!

14 07 2011

Good morning mates

This morning I was woken from my peaceful slumber by my boyfriend who so kindly reminded me of my promise to drop him in to town for his course starting at 8am … bleugh! Being the kind hearted and loving girlfriend that I am, I bounced out of bed, got ready in a flash and drove my other half in to school with out an inch of complaint and a big smile on my dile!

Hows that for a saint??          

Since I was up relatively early why not head in to the gym for an hour and catch the 9.30am sculpt class?



It was the first sculpt class I had been to, but it was very similar to the flex class I attended on Tuesday morning. Lots of dumbbell weights for an awesome but grueling hour of upper body, lower body and stomach workout! The instructor was really lovely and so were the people in the class. The majority of them were regulars so they knew exactly what they were doing.

…At the very beginning of my blog I was explaining…or maybe more complaining, about the negative traits of being from pacific island descent….but I guess I was probably in a pretty pessimistic mind space, feeling over weight, hating my body shape…etc etc. But what i haven’t written about at all in my blog are the positive traits that come with being a Pacific Island girl….

1. The majority of pacific island people can move relatively naturally…i mean, take for example when you hit the clubs on a saturday night, the majority of the girls who naturally look good on the dance floor, can break it down low and can pull out those sexy hip swinging dance moves are those pacific island girls… right???

Unfortunately one of the down falls of going to a private girls school is that I hung around a lot of palagi girls, which resulted in me dancing like one…when it comes to being able to move naturally…i some how missed out. But…. what I did gain is the ability to catch on to some of the moves in the classes that I’ve been going to very quickly. Today the instructor complimented me on my ability to ‘pick up the moves fast’. Gold star please??




2. Also a lot of pacific island girls are naturally a lot stronger, we can probably lift a heavier weight or can probably do a few more repetitions than some of the more petite girls. And I found this out today during the sculpt class! I am once again wasted from my efforts to exercise but I also feel very satisfied!


So I’m done in terms of exercise for the day, apart from indoor netball tonight but…. at least I wont have to go back to the gym again until tomorrow. I think im going to try the step class at 9.30am 🙂

Till then… ta ta

Love J.L





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