Day 18: Can I get a Kim Kardashian Butt?

15 07 2011

Hey people!


Last night at indoor netball, one of the girls in the opposing team, decided to be a psychotic biarch and instead of playing the game to win, she was playing the game to injure people. By the end of the game I had flown in to the net a couple of times, had a severely bruised, bunged up finger and had to hobble off the court because my shins were in such pain.

This morning i tried something totally different. IT’S ALWAYS GOOD TO CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE UP!


This morning I decided not to do the step class at the gym because it would have probably been a bit too vigorous for my legs, so I went to the Samurai Karate Dojo in Onehunga to try out a self defense workout with Sensei Tavita instead. We started off with a light jog to warm up and stretches followed by some intense punching, kicking and tummy exercises. The class was an hour. He takes different classes all the time and is also a personal trainer so if you would like to know more about his programme here is his face book link.


After the session, I went home and found my Kim Kardashian Workout DVD in the mail box!! Woooo took long enough!

I could not just let it sit on the table, I was just too eager to try it out, so chucked the dvd in the machine and spent half an hour in the lounge working out to Kim’s Butt blast body sculpting dvd!

This workout is awesome!!… it was mainly a lower body and butt training workout with a bit of abdominal stuff thrown in as well. I tell you after half an hour I was sweating, had my puff on and felt my thighs and butt burning! Now I’m a bit hooked and want my butt to look just as perfect as Kim’s! Do you think this is possible??

So after my double up on exercise, I’m having hot pumpkin soup for lunch! mmmmm yummy!

I have also started up a face book page for my blog so please go on and like it at …


See y’all tomorrow

Love J.L





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