Day 19: Not so good of a day!

16 07 2011

Hi everyone,

So we all know how unproductive we can be at times, and today was one of those days for me. I slept in, watched a dvd with my boyfriend this morning and missed the gym before closing time.

The highlight of my day would have been going to my Aunty’s house to learn a thing or two about my samoan culture.

My boyfriend picked me up from home and took me to Denny’s to have a milkshake this evening after some drama went down at home. Im seriously re thinking some of my decisions and don’t want to lay down every single detail of my life on here but let’s just say that the night didn’t end so well, and to top it off I didn’t do any exercise! I feel so guilty.

Tomorrow the gym closes at 8pm in Te Atatu so I have no excuse not to be there at some point during the day. I’ll be able to burn off all my anger.

One good thing that happened today was my suppression of appetite. I have eaten today but only a couple of small portions of relatively healthy food, I was naughty and skipped dinner though… I think once I get out of this negative mind space things should go back to normal.

Back to school on Monday as well….kinda looking forward to the end of this week!

Will let you know what im doing tomorrow. I will make you a promise now though, that I will have done some sort of exercise!

Until then sweet dreams

Love J.L





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