Day 20: Milestone reached!

17 07 2011

Hey readers!

As promised I made it to the gym this evening and exercised for an hour all up! However I feel it is my duty now to let you know a little more about what filled my day today.

This morning my boyfriend skipped church to take me out for brunch and cheer me up a bit after lastnight’s predicament. He took me for a favourite meal…chicken teppanyaki! mmmmmm yummy! I then met up with one of my besties Sarah and we met for a milkshake at one of the best icecream parlours in the world…OLLIES in Royal Oak! They have the most delicious desserts.

We then ventured back out to West Auckland and Jeremy forced me in to my gym wear and dropped me at the gym.

I started off with my usual 20 min cardio bike ride. This time I took my frustrations out on that poor bike. I managed an awesome 10.03km in 20mins. I am absolutely stoked with this effort. I have never managed to achieve this before and it was one of the first goals I set myself. The 20 minutes seems to go faster and faster every time I get on the bike. It is not necessarily any easier however, being the competitive little soul that I am, Im always trying to out do my last efforts. I was literally jumping with joy on the inside, but as there is never anyone around at the gym at 6pm on a Sunday night, I had no one to share my glory with…so I text Jeremy this…

              ” F*** yeah babe, i got to the 10km mark, wooooo yeah b****!”

The achievement lifted my spirits and gave me an unusual burst of energy so I trotted over to the Rocket Circut for a whole body work out. As no one was around I had the whole circut to myself so did three sets of 15 repetitions on each machine. I finished with 60 crunches on the ab rocker, 20 side crunches on each side and 40 leg lowers to work that hard to get pouch area (lower tummy).

I finished with 15 minutes in the sauna, a scorching hot shower and a cafe latte sculpt protein shake.

Jeremy picked me up and we rushed home to watch the Manu Samoa take on the stupid Ozzies! It was a fantastic game, and I thought it only appropriate to mention the determination and hard work of those boys who so proudly played in those Blue Jersies! I know that every Samoan around the world is enjoying this historical win… here’s another reason why I am proud to be of Samoan descent!

So big ups for this team…

And shame on this guy…


So today was a huge improvement from yesterday, it’s amazing how just that little bit of support from the person you love can change your whole aspect of things. I’m back at uni tomorrow for the start of Semester 2! Bring it on.

Catch you all tomorrow

Love J.L





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