Day 21: First day at school, gym and intense shorty episode!

18 07 2011

Hey guys

So today was the first day back at school, we pretty much just chose our studio projects and im excited about this semester!

Jeremy and I bought a $40 blender from the Warehouse so we can make our smoothies and protein shakes. We tested it out tonight and made berry banana smoothies for dessert, they were so delish!

Tonight I was at the gym at 6.45pm and started with a 15 minute warm up on the bike, this time just did a short, set routine from the bike computer memory. I then decided to the do exactly what I did yesterday with the rocket circuit as I enjoyed it a lot. The only trouble was that today it was Monday and it was like peak traffic in the gym, so unlike yesterday I didn’t have the circuit to myself.

One thing I found amusing were the two guys that were using the circuit together next to me. They obviously thought they were a lot stronger than they actually were! To be totally honest they had the bodies of a pre-puperty boy’s. Puny and small…. Although their attitudes or shall I say ego’s did not reflect their body sizes. So they jumped onto the shoulder press machine and adjusted the weight extremely high.

The first boy got on, attempted at this ridiculous weight ( I don’t think even T.K off shortland street could lift) his arms gave way and the weights dropped on top of each other, followed by a massive crashing sound. I found it extremely hard to hold back my laughter. I know its mean to laugh but they had it coming… which brings me to my point….why do males think that they can lift so much more than they are capable of??? A lot of men at the gym look like they are straining so hard, they’re going to pass out?? Just something I was pondering…

After the circuit I went back to the ladies gym for 15 repetitions of 18kgs on the butt blasting machine. I tell you that machine works! And some stomach work with a large swiss ball. I did 15 normal crunches, 15 crunches on my left side and 15 on the right. I repeated this for a total of 3 sets, totalling 135 crunches all together.

We ate dinner while watching the 90 minute feature length Shortland Street episode. I swear I held my breath throughout the whole thing! My heart was racing a million beats per second! This was the conclusion I came to…such an awesome episode… I don’t know about you guys but I think that T.K needs to be with Sarah and the baby, Callum should go and jump off a bridge with Jill, Hunter should get with Brooke after their close encounter with death, Roimata should be with that new annoying doctor that hates T.K and just for shits and giggles Daniel Potts should have an affair with Roimata’s mum, to get revenge on Roimata’s dad for cheating… how daoes that sound?? I should totally be the director!

Any way time for sleep. Remember I have my weigh in tomorrow eeeek. Hope I get a good result I feel as if I have worked harder this week. Also tomorrow is the start of week 4, which means one more week before my first set of meaurements. It’s all pretty exciting really.

Just wanted to thank everyone for all the support so far. I am continuously getting comments about my blog and it just makes all of this worth while! So thank you to everyone for the encouragement.

Ok time to sleep…really!

See you guys tomorrow for weigh in! Ahhhhhhh

Love J.L






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