Wk 4:Day 22: A little more weight dropped!

19 07 2011

Hello my friends!

So today is the start of week 4. My goodness time flies. I swear it doesn’t feel like its already the 4th week in??

This morning once again I woke up early and dropped my dearest off to school and made my way to the early gym classes. Because I got there a bit early I did my own 10 minute warmup on the treadmill, just a brisk walk, not a run…

I then went to the 9am abs class with Old Chinese man Ben again. This time we used swiss balls to strengthen our abs (haha this makes me laugh, its so weird saying I’m working on my abs…coz I don’t have any…just yet!). We got into some pretty unusual positions but boy could I feel the burn. This little asian man knows pretty much everything about the abdominals.

One tip he mentioned was that for your abs to be strong you need to also strengthen the lower back!

I then went straight into the 9.30am Flex class. Today seemed quite hard, and I felt a bit fatigued at the start of the class but once warmed up I got in to it pretty quick. We worked our major muscle groups, the quads, butt, back and chest and then worked on the smaller muscle groups like the shoulders biceps and triceps. We ended the 1 hour class with 10 minutes of ab work and stretches. The instructor had some new exercises that I had never done before and Im excited to try them again.

I then went to school for a 3hour stint and bused back home just in time to change for our indoor netball game. Today we played a new team and gave them a bit of a walloping.

I just had my vegetarian fried rice and sweet corn chicken soup. Time to finish off the night with Shortland Street and the new episode of the Kardashians!

Ohh nearly forgot to mention this week I lost 0.8kg. I know this isn’t a lot again, and I really thought after my brutal attempts at torturing my body through exercise and eating relatively well I would have lost a bit more? Oh well I am not going to dwell. A loss is a loss and every little gram helps.


Im really hoping for a bigger loss next week. So after 3 weeks, Ive lost a total of 3.6kgs. I havent told you guys but my first weightloss mile stone is a loss of 5kgs. It would be awesome if I could get there at the end of the 5th week. So I have another 2 weeks to lose 1.4 kgs, I think this is doable!

Today was a good start to the week, I feel a little tired but am just going to keep on… not sure what tomorrow has in store for me but you will soon find out.


Love J.L





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