Day 23: Got my sweat on!

20 07 2011

Hey people.

How have you all been?

Today I was lucky enough to get a sleep in as I didn’t start school until 1pm. I met up with Jeremy and we had a quick lunch together at Mcdonalds… I probably shouldn’t have even considered going anywhere near that place but I did and its done. This brings me to what I was wanting to talk to you guys about in todays blog.

I always manage to somehow find motivation to do exercise, whether I’m tired, in a bad mood, or it’s pissing cats and dogs…but where my problem lies is what I consume and how much. My trainer told me that with weight loss, only 30% of your efforts is in exercise, the other 70% is your diet. So if your training extremely hard but not watching what you eat there is really no point… So after thinking about this today, I am going to still keep up my regular exercising 6 days a week but work harder at… not grabing for that chocolate bar at the checkout because its only 99cents, or reaching for that raspberry twist so I can get cash out at the dairy. I have been a lot better since starting this weight loss challenge with thinking before I eat, but there is still lots of room for improvement and I guess I can keep getting better as the weeks go on as well.

One reason why I didn’t want to go cold turkey and be restricted to a certain diet is that I want to learn how to eat in moderation. I also don’t want to be craving all the time because I am definitely the type of person that wants something purely because I can’t have it. So I decided that instead of being a nazi calorie counter I’d prefer to be able to enjoy my life as I live it.

So that’s my spiel for the day… after my mcdonalds and feeling extremely guilty all day for having it, I decided to be extra hard on myself and do a hard treadmill run for cardio instead of the bike. For as long as I can remember I have always hated running. I would much prefer doing laps in the pool, going for a bike ride or jumping on the cross trainer but running to me is really the enemy. So I must have been feeling pretty guilty to jump on the treadmill. I did a 20minute interval run which is pretty much the exact same routine as on the bike but running instead. I only did 2.78km in 20 minutes so started at a relatively easy pace but after the 20 minutes the sweat was pouring down, this pretty much how I felt afterwards.

 I then went to the ladies gym and did 15 minutes of tummy work….my favourite part of the day was the 10 minutes relaxation time in the sauna… ohhh it truly was heaven.

Jeremy cooked me salmon and rice for dinner, so hopefully that Omega 3 kicks in to help me study tomorrow. I’m out to dinner tomorrow with some of my Dio friends at the Sake Bar, so more Japanese for me…wooohoooo.

Will be checking in with you guys before I head out tomorrow for dins.

Catch ya.

Love J.L





2 responses

21 07 2011

Hey Juanita,
Ala here (Tee’s cousin). Loving the blog and the hard work so KEEP IT UP, food is fuel, good food for your body = right type of fuel 🙂

21 07 2011

Hi Ala
Thanks for your support and tips i love getting awesome feed back, this just made my day!!

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