Day 24: A new record, a new bra size and italian cuisine!

21 07 2011

Hello my friends!

Today I was off school, no classes! So slept in and enjoyed last night’s episodes of shorty street and friends thanks to MYSKY! I then went bra and undie shopping and to my surprise for the first time in a while was able to fit in to a size 14 bra and undies…quite happy about this!

I had a fresh berry smoothie for breaky as well.

Jeremy took me to my appointment with my surgeon about my existing shin and knee injuries. Aparently I should not be running at all, no squats or lunges anymore either. I have now been refered to a physio and must see him 3 times a week??? Oh well I will not be held back with these issues, I will keep on soldiering on!

After my appointment I went to the gym and instead of doing my cardio on the treadmill I did the bike for 20 minutes again. I was so pleased with my effort today…. wait for it…. today, I rode 10.4kms in 20minutes. I have never been so strong or fit…it is such an awesome feeling. So I bet my last record by 400metres, which is quite a lot i think??

After my cardio session I did 10 minutes of tummy exercises and once again used the swiss ball. I was shown a really good exercise by one of the trainers there that works those hard to get side abdominal muscles. I am in love with this new move! I then finished my gym session with a cafe latte sculpt shake and then rushed off to indoor netball. I played 1/4 at attack, 1/4 at centre and 1/4 at defense. We won 47/17.

Later on in the evening I met up with some of my Dio school friends. As I wrote in my last blog post we were supposed to go to the Sake Bar for Japanese but silly Albertine didn’t book so we went down the road to Gee Gee’s for an italian dinner instead. I had a large dish of spaghetti bolognaise and the others enjoyed caesar salad and pizza. Fliss, Nicole, Albie and I caught up over the last couple of months gossip. It was really good to see them all. Don’t you just love being a girl and having girlfriends to hang out with?? I do!!!


So now I am ready for bed and have an early morning and long day ahead of me tomorrow.

Looking forward to deciding what exercise I’ll be doing tomorrow.


Good night guys, sweet dreams.

Love J.L





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