Day 25: Just glad its the weekend!

22 07 2011

Hi everyone!

Today felt like the length of a whole entire week. I am so glad that this week is over and the weekend will be knocking at my door tomorrow morning!

This morning I was at uni by 8am, a whole hour early to check emails before my 3 hour spatial computing class. I honestly hate design software with a passion, but this feeling is mutual and the design software hates me just as much. So after a boring lesson I had an hour to do some job searching before my next class at 1pm.

Our studio class at the moment is all about research so for 2 and a half hours we went walking around the streets of Auckland city. Jeremy picked me up from town and took me for a much needed trim hot chocolate at Brick by Brick cafe in Onehunga.

As some of you know, things haven’t been too great on the home front lately, so Jeremy persuaded me to see my grandparents and have a family chat. As the majority of you would agree today family time was more important than making it to the gym for the day. So I ended up at a family discussion from 5-8.30pm.

Shitty thing is, the gym closes at 9pm on a Friday, which means I missed out on a good workout. Nevertheless tomorrow I don’t have any solid plans, so have time for cardio, weights and tummy exercises. I’ll also be able to catchup on Sunday afternoon.

Im just so mentally, physically and emotionally drained at the moment so I’m heading to bed now and am planning on sleeping for a solid 11 hours straight. I hate missing a workout and I apologise to you guys as I feel as if I have disappointed you all. I promise to go hard for the days coming!


Have a blessed weekend…

Love J.L





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15 10 2011
Peggy Randall

Yeah hoo!

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