Day 26: New exercise buddy!

23 07 2011

Hello everyone.

Today I had a pretty chilled out day. I got my 11 hours sleep, then went supermarket shopping with Jeremy for some essentials. When we got back it was lunch time and I was starving so Jeremy made me one of my favouriste dishes…see below!

And this is the real thing. No need to go out for dinner when you can get a 5 star meal at home?? Pretty nice huh?

As you can see I was pretty eager to tuck in…

And then end result???? Picture speaks for itself…

After my delicious meal, I went out to Onehunga to pick up my new exercise buddy.Guess who???


This cute creature is my doggy Tess.

We decided to conquer One Tree Hill together so started from the very bottom and made our way up the hill, and after reaching the top and catching sight of the gorgeous view…  

we continued down the hill back to the bottom,had a 2 minute breather and then did it all over again but this time at a faster pace. Yup we did the walk twice, it took us about an hour but it was definitely a good change of scenery for me as I’ve been stuck indoors exercising lately. We then headed home and as soon as we walked through the door, Tess flaked out next to her mate Ralph in their bedroom…

   Meet Mr Ralph


After my exercise for the day I did a bit of Study and that was pretty much my Saturday. Not very interesting? Guess not every day can be an exciting one… Tomorrow I’m back to hitting the gym, need to get a good upper body work out done…not liking these wobbly bits under my arms!

Nyty nyt.

Love J.L





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