Day 27: Sunday Evening Blues

24 07 2011

Hi peeps!

Today was a good day. I went to Jeremy’s church with his family this morning and surprisingly knew the majority of the songs in Samoan. I think those Samoan lessons I had last Saturday are paying

The tradition on a Sunday after church is usually a big family lunch. Today I wasn’t so hungry and also didn’t want to eat too much so that I could still go to the gym. You know how sometimes you can eat too much to the extent where you just want to pass out? Well I really didn’t want that feeling so I had half a chop, and three different types of salad. Potato salad, coleslaw and a garden prawn/crabmeat/tuna salad. It was so good… and I managed to just have one helping, even though I wasn’t that full…but eating until you just want to sleep is definitely not the answer…haha!

So I gathered my gym gear and drove to the Te Atatu Club Physical where I sat in the sauna for 10 minutes to warm myself up…aparently today it was 8 degrees….brrrrr! I started my warmup with a light jog for 10 minutes on the treadmill. I know I shouldn’t be running and if my mum was reading this she would probably be yelling through the computer screen at me… but I just get a totally different workout when I run, and it was a slow jog on a slight incline just to get me prepared for my 20 minute bike ride.

I was by myself in the cardio room as no one goes to the gym on a Sunday, so I had my pick of bike. Smack bang in the middle in front ofn the 5 tv screens where they were all showing some kind of ridiculous informercial on losing your love handles….TYPICAL!  The gym should totally think about screening a documentary about obese people or about the dangers of KFC or something so that we ride, walk or run harder while we’re in that cardio room! Might note that down as a

Today once again I have proven to myself that I can bike through the burning pain running through my thighs, and can keep pedalling faster through my breathless panting! I’m pretty sure that if someone had walked past they would have thought I was having an asthma attack! But when the minutes are clocking up and the kilometers are moving at the same time all that is running through my head is pedal fast, harder…anything that will get me a better result than last time…and guess what…Today I Rode 10.55kms in 20 minutes. It really is unbelievable. I was just going through my blog with jeremy and saw that on the very first day that I did my cardio workout on the bike I rode 9.3kms in the same amount of time. 27 days later and I’m riding a whole 1.25kms more in the exact same amount of time… It feels good to actually see improvments and this is prob how big my smile was when I got off that bike!!

After my cardio workout I stretched thoroughly and moved on to that upper body workout I mentioned yesterday…and yes those wobbly bits under my arms just really frustrate the sh** out of me. I hate having to cover up in the summer with a light cardigan because I am so embarrased by my flabby arms. Well you know what??? Not this summer. I am going to make it another goal of mine to be able to wear singlets and strappy tops by this coming summer! Well its writing on here so if you see me this summer wearing a jacket demand I take it off!!!

Idecided to work my bum and tummy while doing my upper body workout so did my usual upper body weights but instead of sitting or lying on a stable bench, I used a swiss ball and rolled it under my back until it was sitting just under my shoulders and neck with my legs outright, knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Now this may not sound that hard but believe me you are having to work your core and bum to hold yourself up and also to steady yourself while doing a bench press and fly exercise. I did 3 sets of 15 repetitions and then moved on to one armed rows, hammer curl and shoulder press and then finished with some tummy exercises. 

I remembered before I left the gym to make sure I had $5 for my post workout protein shake, and man did that go down nicely! I then picked up Jeremy and his family and we went to the night service at the church where everyone was asked to do some sort of item.

And now Im back at home writing to you guys and getting ready for a small bite to eat before hitting the sack. And as for the Sunday evening blues… I just really hate that the weekend has come to an end and another week of slaving away is about to begin… hmmmmm this prob describes best the look on my face at this very moment.

 I only have one more day before weigh in and to be honest im a little nervous because I have snuck in a couple of chocolate bars this week. I guess because it’s week 4 and I’m pretty used to the routine, body is kind of getting used to the training and eating healthy and the mind has been tricked to think I can relax a little because I have had quite good results so far. Looks like I’m going to have to be more tough next week!


I’m blabbing now…

p.s: today I had 134 hits on my blog , so for those of you reading I really do appreciate you taking the time to hear about or follow me on this journey, there is a long way to go, it is just the beginning…but with your support time will fly im sure, and for those people that have either commented, given me tips or have sent me a friendly facebook message I thank you for all your kind words!

pps: oh and by the way Jeremy’s taking me on a lunch date in between class tomorrow so il let you know what we have.

Good nyt

Love J.L





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