Day 28:A Frosty morning, a missed bus and another Kardashian workout with surprise guest!

25 07 2011

Hi guys!

So I guess it’s that time of night, 10pm and time to fill you all in…

This morning it was so hard to get out of bed, it was way too cold, I was way too tired and I was really dreading the bus ride in to town to start my 9am class. So I got dressed wearing about 8 layers, and raced out the door only to be greeted by a heavy down pour of rain, hail and a strong gusterly winds, having to turn back to find an umbrella…after 5 minutes of searching I finally found one but in the same 5 minutes I had also missed my bus…

So not a good start to the day, I caught the next bus which got me seated in class half an hour after it started. I sat through a rather interesting lecture before a quick coffee break and in time for the next class. So after uni classes, I met with Jeremy and we decided to get out of town and catch the bus together in to Henderson for our lunch date.

We arrived at the mall and for some reason I really felt like lasagne so that’s exactly what I had for lunch. Just a plate of lasagne and diet coke…not too exciting. So by the time we got home we were pretty exhausted from our long day at school and chilled in front of tv for an hour with a hot cup of tea.

Today was extremely extremely cold and Jeremy’s exercise plan was to head to the Waitakere Trust Stadium track, while mine was to head to the gym for the abs class followed by a boxing class, but things changed and because of the bad weather I asked Jeremy to join my for a warm up zumba session in his home gym followed by the Kim Kardashian lower body and butt workout. To my surprise he said yes!

We did about half an hour of zumba with dumbbells and lots of jumping around and then played the dvd and followed along to Kim’s workout. I wish I had taken photos of Jeremy attempting squats, lunges and ofcourse the famous butt scultping exercises. The workout took an hour and finished with some abdominal work…



Jeremy felt the need to comment on my blog this evening so this next paragraph is from him…

” Hello everyone, I’m Jeremy, Juanita’s boyfriend. I was so impressed with Juanita’s technique.She really worked me hard today and made sure that I did the moves right. She was doing the exercises exactly the same as the dvd and she looked good doing them. I have such a beautiful girlfriend. I just wanted to comment and encourage her to keep up the hard work.”

Ok enough lovey dovey grossness, don’t want to put you guys off! Tonight for dinner were having chowmein with boiled taro.( Apparently taro is really good for you when it’s not smothered in coconut cream. )

After this I will be doing a bit of study before hitting the sack. Remember tomorrow is judgement day. In other words the scales will be judging me on how well/or not so well I did this week. Eeeeeek kind of scared!

Until then keep warm and if you are lucky enough to have a partner in your life make sure you get lots of spooning tonight to keep each other warm!

Love J.L





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