Day 29: Early morning workout, met Dillon Boulcher and weight decreases!

26 07 2011

Hey everyone.

This morning I was woken at the crack of dawn from my peaceful slumber by the sound of Jeremy’s voice yelling “GET UP”! We caught the bus together in to town and I then made my way to the gym for the usual Tuesday 9am abs class with the friendly Ben and then on to the flex class at 9.30am for an hour.

The abs class was really good today. Again it was only 15 minutes but we  worked some muscles that I do not work often and I was introduced to a few more new tummy exercises…exciting!

I have even improved in the flex class, by being able to add on an extra 2 kgs with my bar weights and dumbbell weights. I also don’t need as much rest in between sets… as I said in a previous post, seeing improvements like this just makes me more motivated! I feel like I’m just that little bit further up the ladder.

After the gym session I raced home and showered up before the Bartercard lunch that I was invited to with my mum. It was held at Ellerslie Race course and there I met Dillon Boulcher a member of the Breakers Basketball team, and managed to get a photo with him. I chose the corn-fed chicken and potato cake for lunch,it was delicious and a good sized portion aswell. After lunch I went back to mums to collect my gear and then caught the bus out West in time for a quick study session before indoor tonight at 6.35pm.

We drew our game and to warm down Jeremy, Norah and I decided to walk back home, it was a very nice walk and took about 20 minutes. Now I’m in time for a shower and dinner but before I go here are my results for this week’s weigh in and first round of monthly measurements.

This week I lost 0.8kg which takes me down to 107.3kg and a total of 4.6kgs. My measurements are as follows and i’ll graph these later on tonight so that you can see the difference from month to month.

                                                         Last month:                                   This month:

Chest:                                                  114cm                                          109cm

Upper left arm:                               37cm                                            37cm

Waist (belly button)                       106cm                                       100cm

Hips (widest area)                          120cm                                           116cm

Upper left thigh                                   75cm                                          69cm

So there is a bit of a change and I am happy with my first month of results. Yay now only another 11 months to go!


But for real….I feel as if Im on that road to success now.

This month I’ve experienced some weight loss, some hard training and sweat, an increase in fitness and strength, and as expected, some highs and lows. But there is only one way from here…. and that is forward. I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for me!

Thanks for the continued support I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you guys! I feel as if I have a whole croud of people supporting me on my journey. Size 12 jeans here I come!!!!!

Love J.L





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