Day 30: Dio 2006 Leavers 5 years on reunion!

28 07 2011

Hey hey!

So today was an extremely busy day!

Although I did manage a bit of a sleep in this morning once I had got going for the day it just raced on ahead of me!

Have you ever had the feeling of total exhaustion?

Have you ever felt like your legs were so tired that just walking up one flight of stairs was one flight of stairs too many? Have you ever felt like your arms were so tired that steering the wheel of your car was just going to be way too much of an effort? Or your brain was so tired that instead of spelling your name like this “JUANITA” ….you spelt it like this “JUNTA”?….

Well this is the exact feeling that I have right now after this incredibly prolonged, arduous day!

and if you were to close up on my face at this very moment this would be it…



…. apart from being male and asian ofcourse!

Ok time to stop the jokes… today I was doing research for a presentation I have at uni on Friday so I spent a lot of time strolling around the city, snapping interesting pictures, and discovering some of the hidden secrets that lie deep with in Auckland City.

I then sold a pair of shoes to a stranger for $80…it’s a long story but … BONUS!

By the time I got home it was 3.15pm so I gathered my gym gear and sped off in my little bomb to the Te Atatu Club Physical. Thankfully at this time everyone is coming home from work so I once again had the cardio and weights room all to myself.

Today I rode a MEGA 10.7KM in 20minutes! It’s my best ever ride yet! And not to sound like a total dick, but I am really really proud of myself!!!

I then did the same upper body routine as I did the last session with the weights and swiss ball, and finished off with some tummy exercises on the swiss ball. I absolutely love incorporating the swiss ball in to all of my exercises. It just makes it that extra bit more challenging because your are having to use other muscles to help stabilise and balance yourself. It is the perfect exercise accessory!!


My gym session was followed by a lovely evening of mingling, chatting and catching up with some old Diocesan school mates, some of which I haven’t seen since the end of high school, which as scary as it is to say, was 5 years ago!

I had such a good time catching up with everyone and finding out what everyone is up to at the moment…but being the silly girl that I am, I was too busy chit chatting that I left without any photos at all!  Boo!

So that was the extent of my day and that brings me to the end of my evening. In about 30 seconds I will be passed out, snoring in my favourite curled up spooning position in the comfort of my warm bed.

I also just found out that I have a follower who has joined the blog world on a weight loss mission also. I feel honoured that I was mentioned in her blog as the start of her motivation. It’s totally awesome to know people are actually reading and being motivated by my journey just as I am being motivated in return by your support!

Good nyt all and see you back here again tomorrow evening!

Lots of love J.L





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