Day 31: Strapped like an All Black!

28 07 2011

Good evening fellow readers!

Today after I got uni and all that boring stuff out of the way I went to my first physio session. She gave me a deep tissue massage, asked me a tonne of questions before strapping me up with that new black strapping tape that you see some of the All Blacks wearing. So how special am I??? lol Aparently it has only been in New Zealand and available in physios for 6 months, so something new to try and see whether this new technology of strappying actually works!

She also gave me some good news! I can start running on the treadmill now, only 20 minutes maximum to see how my legs are handling it but nevertheless it is good news.

So she explained in depth what I must and must not do on the treadmill, remembering that I should only be on there for a maximum of 20 minutes. I took this as a sign from above and thought that the equivalent of a 20 minute run was 3 games of indoor netball… and goodness could I not be more wrong. My legs did not agree with this decision and now I am lying in bed writing my blog, pretending that I don’t feel the current of throbbing pain running down my shins.

Why do I never listen to the professionals that give me advise? Why do I not listen to that annoying sound of my mothers voice in my head telling me not to do it!!! I think it is because I have more passion for this sport they call netball than my mother, doctors and some friends (cough Nicole and Albie) know. I absolutely love the sport and even though I’m in agonising pain, I will still push through… and as stupid as it sounds this is my reality! So as a result I will probably continue to do these stupid things, but I just wont complain to you guys about the pain! How does that sound??

 Before the 3 netball games that started at 7.10pm tonight I was at the gym and did an upper body and tummy workout for about 45 minutes. For the last couple of days I have really been anal about working my upper body. I’m a little obsessed with these disgusting hanging bits of extra fat and skin that I do not need under my arms!

Everyone has some part of their body that they like and another part that they just absolutely cannot stand! Well I love my eyes – they are nice and big and brown and almond shaped…and you already know what I hate… my arms and back. I think this is where I carry most of my weight. I find that when I lose weight it comes off my legs and bum first, then around my mid section but I always find myself being a bit top heavy.

I also decided yesterday that every month I will come up with a new initiative, something different or a little more interesting that will help your reading time of this blog a bit more enjoyable. This month after each week I will do a video diary, just a short one but so that you feel a little more connected to me and I feel a little more connected to you. So watch out for the first video on Tuesday the 2nd of August.

 So tune in to channel “juanita’s weight loss” next week!

That is all for now. I wish you a good night sleep and just power through the last day of the wokring week tomorrow. I know I will be with this damn presentation I have to do! Argh

See you guys again tomorrow

Love J.L





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