Day 32: Did you kick this Friday’s butt?

29 07 2011

Hi guys

For the last two weeks, Friday has been scheduled my busiest day. I have found that I have had to prepare and psyche myself up for this day right from the beginning of the week. This week was no different. I knew from the start that I would need to be well rested to kick my Friday’s butt!

As you can tell in this picture I did a pretty good job and sorry to say but this Friday definitely got an ass whipping!


I started my day with a 6.45am wake up for the 7.30am bus in to town.

9am-12am: computing class

12pm-1pm: pacific students info lunch

1pm-4.15pm: studio critiques

4.35pm-5.05pm: bus ride in to Onehunga

5.05pm-5.30pm: walk home

6pm-8pm: Netball team end of season get together

8pm-8.30pm: intense tummy exercises


I then relaxed in front of t.v with my brother and watched New Zealand’s top model, kind of weird but he secretly likes that show! haha he’ll kill me if he sees this! I am so glad that A.J didn’t get eliminated. She is my favourite along with Rosanna and that boyish looking one (can’t remember her name).

I ended up having nibbles at the bar for our netball function so don’t really need dinner tonight, maybe a fruit smoothie will do me. I am looking forward to snuggling with Jeremy and catching up on our favourite tv programs we missed earlier on in the week.

By the way, because I did so much cardio yesterday and have been working really hard with my upper body workouts I decided to just do a half our of tummy exercises today. I did an extreme amount of walking around town etc today so I think I got my fair share of workout for the day.

Hopefully the weather holds out for some outdoor exercise tomorrow morning.


See you all then!

Love J.L







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