Day 33: Saturday sexy time!

31 07 2011

Good evening friends!

This evening’s blog is going to be an interesting one. Not because I have interesting things to tell you, but because I am slightly tipsy at this very point in time, so am trying my best to type as carefu,lly as possible.

You might like to know how I got to this point and why, if I am watching my weight, I would even be at this stage!

It started off the best morning ever. I slept unti l10.3am, then had the whole morning to myself. So watched an episode of Keeping up with Kardashians while I sipped on my berry smoothie and had left over spaghetti bolognaise for brunch. I also managed to clean up a bit before getting my gear ready and meeting up with a good friend of mine to hit the gym together.

Luckily she was also wanting to getting an upper body workout done so we went through the same upper body routine that I have been doing the past couple of days, followed by some quick tummy exercises and 10 minutes in the sauna!

After that I showered up and met Jeremy at home for some couple time before we went over to Matt and Norah’s place for homemade pizza and drinkies. All together there were 3 guys and 4 girls. The men were in the lounge watching the All Blacks take on the Spingbok, while the ladies were in the kitchen chit chatting and watching Norah make the most delicious pizza I have possibly ever tasted!

Our chit chatting turned in to drinking games and we ended up playing truth or dare believe it or not. This was quite possibly the most interesting evening because as it so happens Norah, Mary and Janet are very closely related to Jeremy ( my boyfriend). Norah and Mary are Jeremy’s sisters and Janet is Jerem’y 1st cousin. So whilst playing truth or dare some very personal and intimate questions and dares arose. It was all sucha fun, and I don’t think I’ve had quite a good laugh in a while. Let’s just say I learnt a few things that I didn’t know and I guess they learnt a few things about me that wasn’t exactly prior knowledge.

Tonight we enjoyed a mixture of flavours of pizza accompanied by a mixture of drinks ranging from Monteiths beer to Baileys to Gin and Tonics to shots of Bourbon (bleugh!). It was a very fun night and hopefully we can do this all again. Luckily for me my saint of a boyfriend does not drink so I was able to fully unwind after a hard week, and still make it back home safetly!

I do not think that I am capable at the moment of transfering pictures from the camera to the computer and then on to the blog, typing has been dificult enough, so pictures of tonight will just have to be put up to,orrow.


I fully love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


J.L the collest biarch eva!





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