DAY 34: Sweet Sunny Sunday

31 07 2011

Hey people!

Today was such a gorgeous day don’t you agree?

The sun was shining, I woke up feeling fresh and well rested and new that I had the whole day to chill out and relax before the start f another hectic week. Jeremy and I met up with my parents and brother Jarna for brunch, to celebrate his turning 19 tomorrow. After a delicious lunch and watching the Warriors beat the Raiders we headed back out west for some chill time. Here is Jeremy and I making the most of photo booth on Jarna’s MAC.

And again…

I only spent about half an hour at the gym today. I did 20 minutes on the rower followed by 10 minutes of ab work. With just that 30 minutes my arms, back, tummy and cardio fitness felt well tested. I also jumped on the scales, which I shouldn’t have because I am only supposed to weigh in every week at the same time, and my weight had gone up a tiny bit which kinda got me feeling a bit down. But as I said I will have to wait until tuesday morning when I am due to weigh myself to find out my current weight. Plus I guess I had just had brunch and afternoon tea before hand. And I did over indulge a bit last night with the pizza and alcoholic beverages. So maybe not such a good weekend diet wise.

I did however manage to get a good rest in this weekend with some fun activities, including going to the movies this evening to watch Bridesmaids for the 2nd time. When I got home from the movies Jeremy was waiting for me at home with a delicious chicken and broccoli soup. We had dinner while watching that movie “The house next door” on t.v. It got me really scared, but it had the most stupid ending. Hopefully I don’t get nightmares tonight.

After a really good weekend, I think I am ready to hit this next week head on. My goal this coming week is to attend all my classes, gym it every day and continue drinking lots of water and keeping healthy thoughts in my head when hungry.

See you all tomorrow, Nyt.


Love J.L






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