Day 35: I want abs! plus need to lose 0.6kgs 2morow!!

1 08 2011

Hey guys!

Today was a very unusual day…not quite sure why, but I was being very lazy and discovered that game ‘bejewelled’ and am totally obsessed! I found it so hard just to stop playing it, its so addictive and it fully distracted me from what I wanted to do today! grrrr

I did however have tuna and rice for lunch mixed with a hard boiled egg and then packed my gear for a hard workout at the gym.

I started off with a 5minute warmup on the rower to warm up my upper body. I aimed for 100om in 5 minutes and rowed 11oom so ws happy with that warm up effort.

I then went into the ladies gym for an upper body and tummy workout. I think I should really give my upper body a bit of time to recover because I was sore this morning and found my muscles were fatigued while exercising again. I continued to fight through the discomfort and balanced myself in a bridge like position on the medicine ball and proceeded with my chest press and fly exercises. Making sure to tighten my tummy and butt to work those areas out as well. Straight after this exercise i used one dumbbell to do a tricep pull still in the bridge position. I repeated these exercises for 15 repetitions and 3 sets.

I then moved on to the next exercises as follows…

1. 9kg one armed rows, 15 repetitions on each arm

2. 4kg shoulder lifts, 5 repetitions on each side

3. 15 tricep dips

4. 15 repetitions of tricep pulls with a 9kg dumbbell

I repeated this round of exercises also for 3 sets and then moved on to tummy exercises.

Once again I used the swiss ball for my tummy exercises. I am in love with using the swiss ball as you have to use so many more muscles to keep you balanced, plus its a lot more comfortable than doing exercises on the floor! I did 20 normal sit ups, and then workout my obliques with 20 side sit ups and once again repeated for 3 sets.

I know this is slightly far fetched but dreaming aint that bad??

After seeing this picture, I felt a little more motivated to do more tummy exercises, so continued with the ab crunch machine and did 15 repetitions of normal and side crunches and repeated these for 3 sets. Sounds like a lot huh? Well it actually was!! I was at the gym for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

I then grabbed a cafe latte protein shake and rushed in to Onehunga for the 1st game back for the season for the Familia team, playing monday nights. We won the last competition so are looking forward to winning this next one.

I got to the courts with 5 minutes to spare so we bibbed up and proceeded on to the court to take on the first 10 minutes. I played 2 quarters at GA, one quarter at GK, and one quarter at GD. We finished the low scoring game with a draw of 28 all.

I then had a family dinner at mum and dads for Jarna’s 19th Birthday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO! Apparently he got 118 happy birthday posts on his facebook and told me to try and beat that! Hahaha so looks like its a competition and my birthday is on the 13th of this month which falls on a saturday so please help me with this silly competition and post happy birthday on my facebook wall! lol

Mum cooked us a chicken and rice dish, yummy it is one of my favourite meals! I was good and only had 2 drumsticks with a bit of rice and lots of salad. Im still not exactly full but don’t want to over eat as it is weigh in day tomorrow!

Remember my goal was to lose 5 kgs in hopefully 5 weeks, but I don’t think il get too hung up if I don’t get that 5kg loss! Believe me there is nothing I want more than to achieve this goal but I also want to prepare myself if I don’t, and want to still be motivated afterward. So far I have lost a total of 4.4kgs so need exactly 0.6 kgs to get to that 5 kg loss. So please everyone keep your fingers crossed for me to lose 0.6kgs or more!!!

I will let you all know how I go tomorrow evening after my indoor netball game. Ahhhhh I haven’t been this nervous for a weigh in before… keep me in your prayers and thoughts tonight please! 🙂

Love you guys






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