Day 37: New Wed night Bootcamps!

3 08 2011

Hi everyone,

So my first video blog ended up being a disaster. I spent the whole night trying to upload it, and then the whole day today trying to upload it as well and it just wouldn’t budge for me?? So I put up what you tube would accept of it but it is only one and a half minutes of sound and the picture is running extra fast. So next time I will not be using photo booth!

Today was quite a slow day so there isn’t too much to write about…..

I went to visit my grandparents for a bit this afternoon…my grandpa’s been very sick lately and undergoing major tests etc so wanted to go and show my face to cheer him up, but he wasn’t there. No doubt the doctors have probably told him to make sure he rests and stay indoors but he went out galavanting across half of Auckland to drop someone off!

I made my way back from Central to West Auckland and the drive literally took me 1 hour and 15 minutes. No lies! Fricken crazy, I hate Auckland traffic it drives me mad and if our public transport system wasn’t so tragic I would use it more often!!! ahhhhhh remind me after I graduate I am moving over to the other side of the world!

Eventually I got to the gym 5 minutes late and did the first wednesday nigh,t hour long boot camp, with Jodie, my personal trainer. There were only 3 of us tonight which only meant that she could concentrate on us individually for a longer period of time, and boss us around more easily.

She set up a circut for us with different lower body, upper body and tummy exercises which we did for 2 minutes each.After the 2 minutes was up we would run through the ladder rope for two minutes before moving to the next exercise. We did this for a whole hour. I was so stupid and forgot my sweat towel and naturally I sweat a lot, so I had sweat dripping down my back, under my arms and down my face which drizzled into my eyes and started stinging!!

After the hour was up, which I must say I just managed to survive, I sat in the sauna for about 10 minutes before enjoying a scorching hot 20 minute shower. My friend Kelly who works behind the gym reception desk, made me a cafe latte scult protein shake and then I went to pick up some takeaways (not for me). The bloody takeaway store took 30 whole fricken minutes to cook the food so I thought I would use the time wisely while waiting in my car to read through some assignment sheets and make notes of what I’ll be working on tomorrow…(pretty good if you ask me!)

I’m now with Jeremy and am in a sulk with him because he didn’t accompany me to the takeaway shop! So he is sitting at one end of the bed reading through his notes for his test on Friday and I am sitting at the other end writing to you guys! I’ll prob stop the silent treatement in a little while but ill let him suffer another 10 minutes of it first! I’m sure he can see me writing this…oh well!

Next bootcamp I will take my camera and Jodie will take a few pictures of me for proof, so that you guys know how hard I am actually working.

Tonight the protein shake fully filled me up so I might just have a spoonfull of fried rice and two bottle of water…(extra thirsty from tonight’s bootcamp!)


I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow

Laters (in British accent)!

Love J.L





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