Day 38: Naughty Juanita!

4 08 2011

Hey everyone!

So today I didn’t have any classes, but on Thursday I either go into Uni to do work or do it from home. Today I studied from home!

I literally studied all day, and then Jarna and I downloaded a free trial version of that favourite game of mine and had an hour competition to see who could get the highest score… it is so strange because I have always hated computer games and thought that people who were hooked on these sorts of games were straight losers…but I am so turning in to one! HELP!!!

So after my break from study playing an hour of games I got back in to it and starter my drawings. For those of you who are wondering what I spend my time at Uni doing, I am studying a Bachelor of Design majoring in Spatial Design.

I looked at the gym classes being held at the Three Kings Club Physical and they didn’t really appeal to me. I wish I could have done the Step class for intermediates but I don’t think I have gotten myself familiar with all of those box steps so have to wait to do another beginners class before I can do the more advanced one. And that was the only class that was on tonight so I decided to work out at home.

Still tired and extremely sore from the hard training I have done in the last week, not to mention that Bootcamp last night, I decided to go a little easier on myself tonight. I did sets of push ups mixed with prone holds. So I started off with 20 pushups, then did a 20 second prone hold and then dropped the amount of push ups by 2 each time but still keeping the 20 second prone hold in between, until I got down to the last 2 push ups and ended with a 40 second prone hold.

I repeated this exercise for 2 sets. Thats honestly all I could do my arms felt so weak by the end of it so I ended with the 8 minute abs routine from you tube. And that was me for the day! At the moment my legs are pretty sore, possibly from the few netball games I have played, my arms are extremely tired from working my upper body almost every day for the past week, and my tummy is continuously sore from daily tummy workouts.

Funny thing happened today. I have been craving Wendy’s all day, and when mum told me that she didn’t really have anything planned for tonight’s dinner, I decided to head up to Wendy’s Royal Oak. So I ordered a number 4 combo and which is the chicken fillet combo. I got home and ate it, and it was so delicious! But literally 2 minutes later… I had major nausea, my stomach was sore and I randomly got diarrhea…disgusting!

I was warned about this by Jodie. She told me that If you haven’t had greasies or takeaways for a while and then try eating it, your body will react to the change of food and that’s pretty much exactly what happened. So I have been hanging round the toilet for the last 2 hours! not nice…I hope this doesn’t continue for too long. But I have now learnt my lesson and will not be getting takeaways any time soon.

Time for a little more study before bed. Then I’m meeting up with my Best Friend tomorrow morning for breaky! Im so excited to see her, she’s nearly 7 months pregnant, so think it’s time to go looking for baby shower gifts soon!

Talk tomorrow


Love J.L





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