Day 39: Breakie, Gym and date night!

5 08 2011

Hey guys!

First of all, I was up half of the night running to and from the bathroom, so I didn’t get much sleep at all! That Wendy’s really did stuff up my system, so those of you who are on some sort of diet, make sure you prepare yourself if you ever decide to be naughty and venture out for some greasies! Personally from recent experience, I don’t think it’s that great of an idea!

Anyhoo I was extremely excited to have breakie with my best friend Sarah this morning. Her tummy has gotten so much bigger and she definitely has that whole pregnancy glow thing going on. I had scrambled eggs with grilled tomato and spinach on whole grain toast, it was delicious! Then for afternoon tea I was a little naughty again and decided to have a small melting moment with my diet coke….that too was di (to the) vine! (that’s gangsta for divine!)

I then made my way in to school and discussed my ideas for crit next Monday and I am pleased to say that my tutor had some positive comments and seemed pretty interested.

I was only at school for maybe 2 hours and then headed out West to hit the gym. My original plan was to go straight to Jeremy’s which is in Lincoln and grab a few things to shower at the gym, but out of nowhere, this intense rumbling started in my stomach and only one word came to mind at that very moment…TOILET!

So instead of driving out to Lincoln I hopped off at the exit before, and sped into the gym carpark, grabbed my stuff, stormed into the gym like a crazed idiot and while sprinting up the stairs to the bathroom, yelled out to the receptionist “I’ll swipe my card when I get back down.” I literally ‘just made it’. ergh so disgusting.After that escapade, I made my way to the gym, and a trainer friend stopped by to say hi and ended up giving me a training session.

I started with a warm up of 10 minutes on the bike follwed by 3 lower body exercises. The leg extension, leg press and hamstring curls. I adjusted the machines to a very low weight but did 25 repetitions for 3 sets. So slightly different technique, but boy did it work…apparently this will tone me up faster. He then took me down to the main gym, which by the way is intensely intimidating. Mainly buff men,the kind that stare at themselves in the mirror while working out, think I was the only girl in there! I continued with 3 different machine to work my back, and target those disgusting flabby bits under my bra! I can’t remember the name of thes machines but once again I did light weight, 25 repetitions for 3 sets.

I thought I was done for the day, until the trainer yelled out, “don’t leave until you’ve finished with tummy exercises!”. Oh yeah I nearly forgot,lol. So I once again did the swiss ball tummy exercises, they are my favourite and I am totally sore afterwards. I also bought a whole bottle oof my favourite protein shake so instead of buying it after each session I can now make my own….coool!!!!

I then showered up for date night with the best boyfriend in the world. We caught the early session of Horrible Bosses. Tobe totally honest it wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be…although Jennifer Aniston looks absolutely amazing in it. ohhhhh to be her age and to look like that??? IN F****ing SANE!!!

Jeremy then cooked me a mushroom sauce steak with cabbage and brocolli for dins. Was very nice but could not finish it. I think I was still full from breakfast.

So now we are ready for bed and looking forward to a great sleep in!!! yay for the weekend again…Did that not come by so fast??? Geeeez these weeks are going by incredibly fast.


For those of you reading and have a heart of gold, please click on the link below and vote for my friend Quilae. She is an amazing fashion designer, she also featured in the Libra design awards earlier on this year. This competition is for the Westpac Young Fashion Designer: These pictures above are her designs!

That is all for tonight…have a good weekend and follow me for tomorrows workout!

Love J.L





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