Day 40: Relaxing Saturday evening!

6 08 2011

Hey everyone!

Today was the perfect day to relax and stay indoors. The weather outside was hateful…as in dark grey clouds, and in general, one of those days that make you feel like doing absolutely nothing!

I woke to the sound track of the bejeweled game…Jeremy had the laptop out in bed. I now have memorized the tune, and literally find myself humming along subconsciously all the time….Im pathetic!

We pretty much lazed around all day, but yes, I did think of you guys and how disappointed you all would be if I didn’t exercise, so I manage to drag myself to the gym at 2.30pm for an hour and a half training.

I tried to visualize my workout while driving to the gym. Apparently if you imagine your entire workout before you get into it, once you start you work a lot more effectively because you have already pictured yourself doing it? So I thought why not try this…and I guess it actually worked.I decided to challenge myself today, step out of my comfort zone and pursue 20 minutes of cardio on the machine I most dread….the treadmill!

I don’t just dislike this machine because I have injured legs, but because since I can remember I have hated running…I find it extremely hard, and am totally exhausted afterwards. My heart races like out of control, so much to the point I don’t think it is normal…but I thought I’d bite the bullet and RUN FOREST RUN!!!

I did the normal 20 minutes interval training, I got to the 10th minute and was truly wondering whether I would be able to make it through to the 20 minutes…it didn’t exactly help, the guy next to me was running at speed 11.5 for 72minutes….bludy loser!

I was so happy once the 19th minute was over and could warm down for a minute with a walk. I then made sure I stretched sufficiently then made my way down to the main weights gym…it was totally empty apart from one little indian boy and a fat 60 year old wearing one of those body building leotards with his tits hanging out, I had to laugh!!! He probably laughed at me also, Gloria the hungry hippo with thunder thighs.

I decided to work my lower body today and use the advice from the trainer yesterday, low weight high reps. I did the leg extension, hamstring curls, leg press, inner thigh extension and outer thigh extension. I did 25 repetitions and 3 sets on each machine. Finished off with 3 sets of 25  normal crunches then drove home happy knowing I had worked hard today. I got home, sipped on my protein shake and then once again my tummy decided to be dodgy and I ended up hugging the loo again and missing out on my cousins 21st birthday. After the lower body workout, I am hopeful that one day in the not so distant future I will have pins worth looking at.


Although I was upset missing the party, Norah cooked us all dinner tonight and made a gorgeous salmon sashimi for appetizers and a creamy chicken and mushroom pasta dish. It was so so yummy! We proceeded to the couches to watch the awesome All Black game against Australia…doesn’t our team look promising? Not to talk too soon but all of our men look fit in those new jerseys, their play looked tidy and professional, I am fully looking forward to them beating the rest of the world and receiving that Rugby World Cup title in our home country! With this guy leading us how can we not??

Time for smoothies and a bit of study before hitting the sack

Will be seeing you guys here again tomorrow evening!

Love J.L





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