Day 41: Two and a half hour workout???

7 08 2011

Hey everyone!

Woke up this morning well rested and ready for the day ahead. The sun wasn’t shining outside in fact it was worse than miserable, but inside my head it was brighter than ever! Not quite sure why? But I have a feeling it had to do with a great sleep in, and knowing that I had a full 24 hours of making the most of my Sunday without any classes to go to. Plus I reached an all time high score of 434,000 and in first place on that bloody bejeweled game and beat Jeremy by more than 100,000 points! yeaya!

I attended Sunday mass with Jeremy and his family and had communion today aswell. After feeling spiritually lifted I made my way to Pak n Save and Jeremy and I proceeded down every isle in that supermarket, shopping for this weeks lunches and snacks! We side stepped the confectionary isle and managed just the essentials.Frozen berries for morning smoothies and a box of barbeque flavoured shapes were among the many essentials we found in our trolley upon checkout!

Funny how you go in with a shopping list and come out with $100 more of shopping and only half of what was on the list. Oh well. We downed half a bowl of last night’s pasta dinner for lunch, let our tummies settle for about half an hour before packing our gear to head to the gym. I told you before in an earlier post that Jeremy had joined the West wave gym, so I decided to try my luck and see if I could get in for a trial workout free.

Turns out they give 5 day trial workouts, so Jeremy and I enjoyed a more than thorough and gruelling 2 and a half hours of cardio, upper back,shoulders, chest,arms,lower back and tummy workouts! We started with 20 minutes of cardio (normal interval routine) then moved on to 2 upper back exercises on the machines, the swiss ball routine with 8 kg dumbbells and swiss ball, and then moved over to the benches for a bicep, shoulder, tricep, and upper back routine. After, we moved to another machine for lower back work and then finished with 3 sets of 3 tummy exercises each for 15 repetitions. We got to the gym at 3pm and ended up walking out after 5.30pm.

Crazy… I think the adrenalin was pumping, I was excited to workout in a new gym with an awesome workout partner and probably felt energised from that terrible tummy action I’ve had lately that’s kept me with in a radius of 5 meters from the loo.

We pretty much relaxed for the rest of the evening and I sorted out my poster content for tomorrow’s critique in class.

That’s all for now…hope you guys had a good weekend and are looking forward to the busy week ahead.

It’s my birthday next Saturday the 13th so I’m excited to see if anyone???? has anything planned for me?

Ahhh turning 23…man I’m an old f**k!

Love J.L





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