Day 42: Unleash the beast, Juanita gone wild?

9 08 2011

Hey everyone.

My day started off pretty good, I managed to get all my info and pics printed for crit today and arrived at school a little late but ready for my presentation of research!

To my surprise I got quite a few good comments from my tutors and was told that my proposal and idea had depth and as a whole my ideas seemed promising…so I was happy with that. Now to keep chugging a long for the following weeks ahead.

I then drove out to Jeremy after school so that we could organise our gym bag and train together again. Because we concentrated on upper body yesterday we decided to work our lower body. We started off with an alternative workout so one of us was doing 15 repitions on a relatively heavy weight on the leg extension machine while the other was doing box step ups, 15 steps on each leg. Once we had done both exercises we continues this routine for another 2 sets.

We then moved to hamstring curl machine. One person would do 15 reptitions on a heavy weight while the other did 15 lunges on both legs and then once again we swapped over and continued for another 2 sets.

Our last machine was the leg press and this time we did 25 repetitions on a very heavy weight and the other exercise was squats. Once we had swapped over for three sets we finished with the ab cruncher machine and did 15 repitions for 3 sets each.

That workout took us 45 minutes so I thought that was a pretty good training time considering we did workout for 2 and a half hours yesterday? We then drove in to Onehunga for our usual Monday night netball game.

This is when all hell broke loose and this face…

 turned into this face…



So the centre has appointed two new referees, both useless as anything and don’t have a clue about any of the netball rules. During the 1st,2nd and 3rd quarters I was getting very angry at the refs inability to call the right thing and constanly changing her mind of calls by being influenced by the players. I had commented a few times during these quarters that she needed to speak up, stick to her calls and in general learn the netball rules…

We jumped on for the 4th quarter and instead of the refs getting better they got worse, and I absolutely lost it. For those of you who know me quite well I am a relatively friendly and nice person…but get on my bad side and you will be scarred for life by what you experience…this comes with being both a LEO and also being half samoan…it is totally in my blood!

So I uncontrolably lost the plot, yelled and swore at both the refs, got kicked off the court, got the entire game discontinued, threw my drink bottle as hard as I could against the wall, and then got our team disqualified from this game meaning we had lost… I felt bad for our team, for the other team, and a little embarassed about the way I publically reacted, but most of all sad that my mum had to bare all of it and had to embarrasingly apologise on my behalf…but I am not going to say that Im sorry for doing it because they all totally derserved what was coming. There have been complaints made time and time again about the quality of referees especially as we pay good money to enter in to this cometition but nothing has been done! So tonight I took matters into my own hands.

I must admit I could have approached the problem in a slightly more lady-like fashion…but as I said a Leo mixed with Samoan is prbably a dangerous combination!

Anyway I had a chicken soup for dinner and now I’m off to bed. Gotta weigh in tomorrow and not looking forward to it really.

Okies Good night Love J.L





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