Week 7,Day 43: Being laughed at by old people while exercising?? And weigh in!

9 08 2011


First I just want to let you all know that our internet has been shocking, our mac laptop photoboth doesnt upload well onto my blog and I don’t have a digital camera anymore…so unfortunately my 2nd video blog has failed and todays blog is written. I apologise to those of you who were looking forward to the video but I will def do one tomorrow and borrow a camera!

Today I enjoyed, both Jeremy and I took the day off to spend time with each other to watch movies after a more than eventful night lastnight. So we watched Something Borrowed…it was a tad bit long but I really liked it, totally a chick flick though.

Kate Hudson always plays the cool, loud party chick…this got me thinking…actors have the funnest jobs. They can play and become people that they aren’t usually. I kinda had an idea…maybe one day every week I could create a character and be that person for just one day???sounds deluded but just an idea???

So netball tonight was at 6.30pm and we played quite a good team and won by the way…it was quite a close game the whole way through, we were neck and neck right up until the last couple of miuntes…so ups to my ladies indoor netball team. After that Jeremy, Turu (jeremy’s mum) and I decided to hit the west wave pools for a swim, sauna and spa. We started off in the pool, and in the pool walking area.

As expected this area was only ladies either fat or old…so when Jeremy and I jumped in to join the stream of ladies belted up with floaties we really did look like the odd ones out. So my poor Jeremy is not exactly what you would call a good swimmer. Infact he told me that only a few years ago he used to swim freestyle with his fists closed?? What on earth??

So I was wading through the water next to Jeremy who was attempting to pool walk with his floatie and hilariously all of the old ladies were streaming past us so and laughing as they over took. Can you believe it? Not the part where they were overtaking us but the fact they were laughing? Aren’t old people supposed to be empathetic? Well not in this case!

After our attempt at pool walking we sat in the stream room for 10 minutes and then spent the rest of our time in the spa. I then enjoyed one of those Weight watchers caesar wraps from mcdonalds…not bad at all.

And now I’m heading to bed…I will be missing bootcamp tomorrow evening as I will be dining with my parentals and brother for family dinner which is important but fear not I will most likely be hitting the Three Kings gym a little early on in the evening.

I bet you all are also wondering what my weigh in was like today.Well sadly I did not loose any this week I am the exact same weight I was last week. Slightly depressing but I think my body is sort of hitting that plateau stage, and Im going to have to change things up a bit to get my body back in to weight loss mode!

Ok see you again tomorrow

Nighties Love J.L





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