Day 45: New Scales from the warehouse

11 08 2011


Lastnight I was at my parents house and was up until 2am watching episodes of Geordie Shore, Jersey shore and A shot at Love with Tila, I know thats insane but I really find those shows highly entertaining! I then dragged myself into bed and spent another 2 hours humming along to Beyonce’s ‘Ave Maria’ because I just couldn’t get to sleep.

I remember the last time I looked at my fone it was 4am and I had no classes today so it was the perfect opportunity to lie in. I woke up with the entire house to myself so proceeded to the laptop and like and idiot recorded myself via photobooth singing at the top of my lungs and as best I could…trills and

I then got a bit inventive and pulled up a youtube page and uploaded the instrumental versions of the songs so that while I sang, I was fully backed up with music and all… haha the funniest things you do when you’re bored, supposed to be studying and home all alone! Oh and by the way the end result of the recording… terrifying, I’m glad that ish is deleted so no one can ever see it!

Anyway after all that mucking around, I studied for about two hours when my brother came through the door. He accompanied me to the warehouse where I bought a $15 bathroom scale, digital one aswell. We got home to test it and it seemed accurate until I jumped on again half an hour later and the damn thing read I was 5kgs lighter…so looks like I invested in a piece of crap! Serves me right for thinking that I was magically getting the best deal ever!

I drove to the gym and worked out by myself today. I started with another 20 minute cardio routine on the bike = 10.65km today. Followed by 10 minutes of stretching and then some bicep, tricep and chest work for those little flabby bits just under your armpits.

I was there for about an hour and didn’t want to over do it as I knew I had an indoor netball game tonight aswell. So netball tonight was interesting because two of our usual players are also now part of another team who we just happened to have versed today. It was a good friendly game, nothing overly competitive and we won 23-13.

Im all showered up now and had one of the caesar wraps again from Mcdonalds for dinner- im just going to add that they are the wraps that are on the weight watchers menu so I didn’t think it would be too bad? Should probably consult a nutritionist one that one… I did however indulge in some french fries…I know probably the worst thing I could have but today it just seemed extra hard to say no…damn fries!

Im going to get an early night, well not so early 11pm as I have a full on day tomorrow. Class 9-12pm, one hour lunch break, class 1-3pm, gym, Marlena’s Benefit Concert at 7pm!

I’ll let you know how that all goes. Not looking forward to the cold bus ride at 7am in the morning.brrrrr

God night everyone.

Love J.L






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