Day 46:One more day at 22 years

12 08 2011

Hey everyone.

Nice and early blog today.

Had a mean workout with Jeremy again today. It was the last day of my free trial at the West wave gym that Jeremy’s joined up to so we made the most of our work out together.

We started with a nice paced 20 minute cardio session on the crosstrainer. Then we moved on to some upper body work. Because we have been working a lot on our upper back and shoulder areas we decided to target the biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders and ofcourse that 6 pack of abs that hides somewhere in the mid region.

We ended up doing four different tummy exercises 12 repetitions 3 sets. After an hour and a half workout we were absolutely buggered and then headed downstairs to shower up. We then picked up Jeremys niece from school and took her to subway to join us for a late lunch at home and we also enjoyed our daily protein shake.

I’ve just finished doing my make up and about to get dressed for my cousins benefit concert on tonight. It’s going to be really good she is a very promising opera singing and has recently been accepted into an Arts school in New York so this is her farewell concert… I can’t wait to hear her belting out those high notes at full force!

Afterwards I may be meeting with a friend for a cheeky beverage…am not too sure,depending on how late it is, but if I do it will be just the one celebratory birthday drinkie!

Funny I just received a text from my personal trainer confirming my attendance in tomorrow’s bootcamp…and I’m pulling Jeremy along to join me. So it’s an early birthday morning start, a gruelling hour long bootcamp at 7.30am! Hows that for a wake up call!

I will probably be writing my blog straight after my workout or late tomorrow evening,depending on my time management. I can’t wait for my birthday, I’m acting like a 5 year old but only because Jeremy said he has a really cool gift for me…excited!

Have an awesome start to the weekend what ever you’re doing!

Much love… J.L





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