Day 48: Yum cha,lifestyle lesson, night gym session and cupcakes!!!

14 08 2011

Heya all!

First thank you all for the lovely birthday and engagement wishes! Jeremy and I are so blessed to have so many loving and caring friends and family. We are overwhelmed with all the gorgeous messages of support, and are extremely excited for the new chapter of our lives. Many of you have asked if there is a special date, or how long we are going to wait??

Well we have decided that we would like our dream wedding, so in order to achieve this we will need to give ourselves and families enough time to save. We also want to make sure that our studies are done and dusted and are hopefully closer to getting that first home that we want so badly… so to answer the question…we don’t have a date in mind, and we probably will wait a couple of years to get married. We think this is the best possible plan for what we want and how we see our future together panning out!

So enough lovey dovey stuff… This morning I met up with my close friends Albie, Nicole, Kim and Mal for lunch out at yum cha. It was my first time experiencing this type of dining and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I received some beautiful gifts, including some accessories for the gym, lifestyle magazine and matching cupcakes for Jeremy and I (one each for dessert tonight)! It was awesome catching up with the girls today.

After lunch I went back to Albie’s and ended up catching up with her parents. They have recently undergone a lifestyle/weight loss challenge and look absolutely amazing! It is a 12 week challenge and you learn all about good foods, bad foods and what you should include in your diet. I ended up with an hour lesson from Albie’s mum and went home with a bunch of health lifestyle magazines and yummy herbal teas to get me going in the mornings! Thanks Andy and Glenys!!!

After a good day I remembered that I hadn’t exercised today…so i went to the gym and worked my lower body and tummy today.

I did the -leg extension 3 x 25repetitions on 30 pound weight.

– hamstring curls this time one leg at a time, slow and steady. 3 x 12 repetitions on each leg.

– inner thigh extensions 3 x 25 repetitions

– outer thigh extensions 3 x 25 repetitions

I then did my usual 3 tummy exercises on the swiss ball, 3 x 20 repetitions

This took me an hour and then I showered up just in time for closing of the gym.


I am now at home cuddled in front of tele with a thick blanket and about to have my cupcake with jeremy! I know it’s not the best thing to have but I can’t let it go to waste…especially since it was the cutest gift!!!

That’s it for today. See you guys again tomorrow

Love J.L





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