Day 49: Back to reality!

15 08 2011

Hey all!

So to be totally honest, I am a little sad that the hype is all over now and that day, that every girl dreams of has been and gone. I mean, don’t get me wrong…I am totally the happiest girl in New Zealand right now, and the most special weekend and event that has just been, will forever be ingrained in my memory and heart as one of the most important days of my life. But the thought that something as massive as getting proposed to, can happen so quickly, seems a little sad! However I have my man beside me, a gorgeous rock on my finger, my health and weight loss under way…what more could I ask for right??

Moving on, this morning, because of that blast of chill that hit the whole of New Zealand, we decided to sensibly take the car in to school. I, definitely wasn’t going to jump on a dingy bus and ride into town a whole 2 hours before class, no thank you. Instead we drove the little bomb, dropped My Fiance off to class, then carried on to chill in a cafe on my lonesome and enjoy sipping the hottest cup of green lemon tea. I tried my hardest to make my cuppa last a whole hour, turns out I am an extremely speedy consumer of liquids (thanks to that liver depleting gap year in England, where my goal was to down as many drinks as fast as possible). So I got bored and drove back up to uni to try and find a place to park my little treasure of a car.

Which brings me to my next point. How ridiculously expensive is parking in Auckland? Like for real…how do these companies determine these sky-rocketing prices and think it’s ok? I guess there must be such a huge demand for parking in town and people are just willing to pay these prices? But for a broke back student like myself paying $4 for a half hour just leaves me with jaw lock (no joke)! I did however drive a little further up the road and found a car park with an all day rate of $9.Fantastic! And the guy stamping the tickets was so lovely and cheerful, it put me in positive mood for the rest of the day.

Class was really good and ended up catching up with one of my class mates afterwards before picking up Jeremy and driving back, happy as larry, out west. As my free trial is over, we had to train separately at our own gyms. So today I wanted to get in some cardio, upper body and tummy exerises!

I started with my 20minute cardio routine on the bike and managed 10.6kms today not my best but up there. Straight after I moved to the ladies gym and continued a circuit of exercises for my upper body. I started with…

-15 repetitions of 10kg one arm rows, each arm.

-5 repetitions of 4 kg one arm raises to the front and side with 2 second holds

-15 repetitions of bicep curls into shoulder raises using 5 kg dumbbell

– 15 quick tricep dips

And then repeated this circuit for another 2 sets!


I then moved on to tummy exercises and used the ab cruncher for 20 repetitions of normal situps then moved to the swiss ball and concentrated on engaging and targeting that mid section, stablising my legs and butt for balance and working 20 repetitions of those side crunches. I repeated these exercises for another 2 sets and then I was done for the evening. I made sure to run up the stairs to the ladies changing room and just enjoyed a peaceful 10 minutes in the sauna before showering up.

This week is study week so we don’t have any more scheduled classes, although I have a crap load of work to get on top of for mid semester critique. So I got home and have been studying ever since. This evening my boy cooked a lovely stirfry with my favourite brocolli, tomatoes, spinach and onion to bulk it all up. And we had dinner earlier than we have been the last few weeks.

Im now ready for a little more study before hitting the sack.

Tomorrow is the end of week 7 which means at the end of next week im due for those measurements again.Ahhhhh

I will also be joining my friend Alison for a couple of gym classes tomorrow morning as well as weighing in so I will hopefully, fingers crossed be bringing you some good news tomorrow!

Lots of Love J.L





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