Week 8,Day 50: Morning workout freeze!

16 08 2011

Hey people!

This morning once again we were up at 7am, although the alarm had been buzzing since 6.30. I naturally am a deep sleeper. Seriously, my alarm will be going off for half an hour, waking my entire family, and I, with the alarm right by my ear, am totally oblivious to the chaos stirring throughout the house.  So Jeremy, with an annoyed look on his face grabbed my phone, switched it off, pulled the blankets off the bed, leaving me shivering in the cold and forced to wash up and get ready for an early start.

I dropped Jeremy into school, but because we were running late there was a lot of pushing in ques and swerving into different lanes on my part. I got him there only 3 minutes past 8am not too bad I thought. I then drove to mum and dads to get in to my gym gear, fed my kitties and then drove to the gym in time for the 9am abs class. There I met Alison and that cute little asian instructor that Ive mention in a previous post. We did our tummy and lower back exercises using the swiss ball again. And there were a few new moves that seemed at first like more of a stretching motion but after 10 repetitions you could really feel those muscles working! It is really interesting how different instructors have different techniques or different exercises to teach. Ben approaches his exercises in a very calm way, smooth motions, no vigorous movements…but you still do feel the muscles working!

The next class was the flex class with Jacky at 9.30am. We started off with a good warm up, a mixture of squats,lunges,bicep curls etc. Then after a few stretches we really got into it. We worked our quads,hammies and bums first with a squat routine with added bar weights. We then moved in to a chest routine, with a variety of different push ups, and then chest press and fly exercises with dumbbell weight on our boxes. After this we worked on our biceps and triceps, followed by another leg track with lots of lunges!!!! We finished with a really good upper and lower back routine and shoulder track with dumbbells. We then packed away our weights and boxes with 10 minutes spare for some really good tummy exercises!

Alison and I then had a quick cup of green tea and Japanese for lunch before heading in to school. To be totally honest I always work better from home. When ever I try and come in to school to work I end up only completing about 1/3 of what I had planned for the day. It sux. I tried to be good by coming into school, but the only successful thing I completed was todays blog! So I have decided, finish my blog nice and early, go home to study.

I also have netball tonight at 7pm. Hopefully we get a good game I want a good run. I will have to strap my legs before the game. So I’m guessing you guys want to know if I had any loss this week. Well I am quite surprised as my food intake has probably been doubled because of the exciting week that has just been, and over the weekend I wasn’t exactly “watching what I was eating”! Never the less I did lose 0.5kgs this week. So I am happy. I am now 106.1kgs.

Next Tuesday you will have my 2nd month measurements!

Hope you guys have an awesome evening.

Love J.L





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