Day 51: One side of Geek please?

17 08 2011

Hey everybody!

So tonight I am extra tired after a long and productive day. It started off with the alarm again…you know, the one I can never hear? Well this morning neither of us head it which meant that we woke up at 8.03am. This would be ok if Jeremy’s class didn’t start at 8am!

So once again here I am grabbing all  my crap together, rushing out the door and trying to remember on the way to school whether I have everything I need for the day! So stressful. And I know the solution to this problem…I have known the solution for quite sometime now. The reason I am always so tired is because I rarely get to bed before 11.30pm, hence the sleeping through early morning alarms.

Aparently people who don’t sleep enough or sleep late end up consuming an extra 1038 kj a day, eat less vege and fruit, and drink more soft drink according to a survey I read in the latest Good Health magazine (thanks Albie)! So my goal this week is to try and get to bed before 11pm every night and then hopefully next week I can cut it down to 10.45pm and so on until I am sleeping at a good time, maybe 10pm??

As I mentioned before I don’t have any classes so after dropping Jeremy home I enjoyed two cups of hot gree/lemon tea with my mum and then conitnued with two boiled eggs on toast for breaky. I was told that eggs in the morning is really good or keeping you full throughout the day, and actually it did keep me full.

I then got my books out and continued studying for a whole 4 hours straight…how did that work? I swear I just got into that study mode and before I know it it was going on 3 o’clock! I told you I study better from home! I decided to stop for a lunch break and had one hard boiled egg mixed in with some tuna and rice for lunch, and I snuck in a diet coke aswell. By the way I am trying to ween myself off this addictive drink. I am totally hooked on diet coke…i find myself craving them throughout the day and when I don’t drink it I start getting headaches….withdrawls??

So I was very happy when 7pm came around I had productively studied for a total of 6 hours today! I am such a Geek…i love it. By the way ( a little story here) when I was at high school my friends used to call me SASIAN (pronounced asian with an ‘s’ infront). This is because they knew I was samoan, but I never acted like one…aparently I was a bit of a geek at school and acted like an asian so they called me a samoan – asian, and for short Sasian!

After my study day I headed to the gym, and met that trainer of mine for bootcamp! I was still extra sore from bootcamp and having run out of protein shake lastnight my muscles haven’t recovered as fast as I would have liked so I felt extra tired and sore through the one hour of butt lashing training. Jodie sure knows how to drill us, swearing and all (just what you expect from a ‘bootcamp’)!

I finished with 15minutes in the sauna, then showered up. I met Jeremy at home and he had a healthy home-made burger out for me. A low fat chicken pattie that had been baked under the oven, with a hearty portion of lettuce, tomato, onion, egg and a dolop of tomato sauce to top it off. That meal really filled me up, it was so delicious and the burger buns were whole meal as well.

I am now exhausted and have to make sure I don’t sleep through the alarm tomorrow so im hitting the sack and will talk to you crazycats tomorrow,

Nanyt! Love J.L





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