Day 52: Does this outfit make me look thin?

18 08 2011

Hey people!

Today was such a nice day! The sun was shining, the birds were out early chirping away and I wore the biggest smile on my face all day!

I started with a hot cup of cocoa at nana and pops this morning. Just checking up on them and thanking them for the cutest engagement card I received in the mail yesterday. I then came home and continued with a bit of study and then met up with my cuzzie Libby for her 24th birthday, and bought her a little cupcake to enjoy for afternoon tea.

For exercise today I decided to do something a little different to what I have been doing the last couple of weeks and ditched the resistant training for today to give my body a little bit of a break! I pushed my aging doggy Tess into the boot, packed mum into the front seat and drove up to One Tree Hill.

I managed an hour run/walk with mum and Tess taking all the long routes. There were some brand new baby lambs aswell…too cute!! This was such a good idea because mum and I were able to kill two birds with one stone, by exercising and catching up on this weeks events at the same time.

I felt great after the hour of exercise and headed home for some more study. I have an indoor game at 8.20pm tonight as well so today I concentrated purely on cardio. I feel as though my body is tightening and toning up but I think i need to start boosting my cardio sessions now to trim some more fat.

I ate very well today. Had a yummy healthy berry and banana smoothie for breakfast, lots of water, three cups of green tea, a boiled egg and tuna for lunch and for dinner I might just stop and get one of those weight watchers caesar wraps from McD’s for dins. At Club physical they are introducing new hula exercise classes, free to members. So think I’ll try the first one this saturday morning just for fun and see how my retarded, uncoordinated body deals with hula dancing!

Tonight on Campbell live one of the stories was headed the Edmond hillary Diet. Basically a family of four under went a challenge to find a week’s worth of food, including breaky lunch and dinner for under $100. To my surprise the Avondale markets on a Saturday morning sell the cheapest fruit and vege. I got such a surprise, so you know where I will be heading this saturday!

That’s all for tonight,wish me luck for netball, going to go and run my little heart out now!

Love J.L






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