Day 53: Getting fitter by the minute??

19 08 2011

Hey guys!

Today was extra nice. The sun was once again shinning, and yet again I just felt very happy! For some reason, everything to do with my dietary habbits and fitness routines seem to be underway, I seem so motivated to keep tweaking little bits of my lifestyle to be as healthy and fit as possible, and since becoming engaged I feel like Im on top of the world and nothing can stop me from reaching all of my goals!

I was up early and made Jeremy and I berry/banana smoothies for breakfast. I got to mum and dads at 8.30am and did about an hours worth of study and enjoyed two cups of hot green tea before a vistor arrived at our front door step.

It was one of my best friends Sarah and her belly with my little niece inside is getting bigger by the second! We went to columbus to meet our mothers for a quick coffee and then I picked Jarna and Jeremy up from school.

Jeremy and I continued out West and both went to our own gyms to exercise for the day. So today I decided I was due for another run. I hopped on the treadmill and did my 20 minute interval training routine. I was so surprised as I upped my levels on the tredmill and was still able to run at a constant pace and keep my breathing under control. I feel so much fitter than my last treadmill run, Hence the title ‘getting fitter by the minute’. I think indoor has helped me aswell. I am running faster and for longer when I am in the center position! So happy! I can definitely see the results and it feels great!

After my run I headed to the downstairs weights gym and did a few leg exercises. I did low weight high repetitions. I did the leg extension – 3 sets of 25 repetitions. I did the hamstring curls one leg – 3 sets of 25 repetitions per leg. The I did the outter and inner thigh extension once again – 3 sets of 25 repetitions.

I felt my legs were well worked so finished up in the women’s gym for some tummy exercises. I did 20 repetitions, 3 sets on the ab cruncher, 3 sets of 20 repetitions of oblique exercises and then finished with the last 20 repetitions of some slow crunches.

Right now I am getting ready for a dinner out with my best friends Sarah and Ashlee! Tonight were going to Sake bar one of my favourite places for Japanese. I can’t wait and I am kinda hungry so looking forward to it. And I fully already know exactly what I am ordering!haha

So enjoy the weekend…didn’t that come by fast?? Enjoy your sleep in tomorrow and the couple of days of relaxation. I am not sure what I’m up to in terms of exercise tomorrow but I will have a plan all set once morning rises!

Ok Love you all. J.L




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