Day 55: Your questions answered, why the blog??

21 08 2011

Hey guys!

First of all I see that many of you read my last post, or may not have read all of it but at least clicked on to see my before and after picture. What do you think? I don’t want to sound like a dick but as a visual person seeing images really helps me, and just looking at those pictures, I feel proud as I can see a difference. I know that my weight on the scales hasn’t really reflected the amount of work I feel I have been doing, the measurements are a little better but I think pictures really make a better statement!

So I haven’t reached the end of my 2nd month yet but by Tuesday I would have, so up will go my 2nd month measurements, a video blog, and a new initiative to start for the next month. I’m a little excited, for a lot of things really. This blog has really helped to open up new ideas, I feel as if I am getting to really know myself and my body, and it is a huge eye opener for me in terms of the bad habits I picked up over the years with eating and not working out.


So many of you have asked me how I have been able to even be bothered with writing every day, exercising most days, and constantly think about what I eat before I consume anything. Well honestly there are a lot of different answers to your questions.

Firstly, I have always been a diary, journal, scrap booking type of person. I have a tonne of diaries from past years all hidden away in my wardrobe. I have scrap books from my overseas travels, and I have kept a scrap book of mine and Jeremy’s relationship, and at primary school, whenever we were given an assignment that included making a journal of some sort, I always got excited!

The second reason I can be bothered with this blog is because I love to talk, and I love to write. I have always liked writing essays, letters etc and I find this the perfect way to express my thoughts with people who are interested.

The third reason is that for a long time I have wanted to lose weight. For a long time I have felt uncomfortable in my body. And for a long time I have wanted to do something about it, but could never really keep motivated for long, or could never keep it off. I think with me, I always wanted to try different things, trying to find a magical solution, and I think after a while i figured that the only way i was going to be able to reach any sort of weight loss goal and maintain it was through a lot of hard work and determination. Motivation is also key, and it actually took me a long time to find out what motivates me.

I think that people who do well in what ever field they are in, do well because they know exactly what motivates them and whenever they feel as if they are falling off that path, they know where to go to get that motivation and get back on track. For me, when I was young I was of the quiet sort, didn’t like too much attention and worried a lot about what others thought of me. Now things have definitely changed, i am not really the quiet sort any more, I love attention, but I still do care about what others think of me.

So from what I have just told you, I am not quiet- and I get to use up all those words bottle up inside me and blurt them all out on this blog (mum says I often have verbal diarrhea). I love the attention – all the encouragement and comments from all of you keep me going. I care about what others think of me – I feel as if I need to impress people, and I need to constantly be on top of my game, meaning I do really care about how you guys perceive me, not only my personality but my body and how I look. So for me this blog totally works, and it really has just become routine. Just like I know I need to wake up every morning, or have to study, or go to the gym … I know I need to write my blog!

So hopefully this answers lots of the questions you guys have been asking.


Also for today I was a bit of a Zombie and fully made the most my lazy sunday. I did sleep in, I did eat breakfast in bed, I did work out from home- kardashian workout, and I did not leave the house. But I hardly ever get to do this!

Hopefully you are all looking forward to another good, hard working week! i know I am, and I really need to get my ass in to gear with all the mid semester crits just around the corner…eeeeek!

See you tomorrow. Love J.L





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