Day 56: What’s wrong with me???

22 08 2011

Hi friends.

So many of you may not know that for about 5 years I have been in between doctors, gynecologists, diagnostic labs and radiology groups. I was told after a few tests that I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome, which is quite common apparently 1 in 3 women have it and don’t even know because it doesn’t come with any pain or discomfort so many don’t even notice anything. However since I can remember I have always had such painful irregular periods.

So after many tests and appointments I received a letter from the gynecologists inviting me to make another appointment to discuss my options for possible surgery to remove one of the larger cysts. So this is a little bit of background information about what is going on with my body, and may be when I mention in future posts that I am suffering from acute abdominal pain or am feeling a little sick you might remember this post and not think I am being too much of a sook!

So the reason why I explained all this to you is because for the last two days I haven’t really been feeling the best. I have had abdominal pain, and tummy cramps, headaches, nausea and flu type symptoms. I am not sure why exactly I am feeling like this but it has made it extremely hard for me to get into my gym session today. And like most girls I crave certain things so tonight without training and spending the whole day/night in front of the computer study/working I drove to my favourite ice cream parlour Ollies and bought a chocolate thickshake!

It definitely hit the spot but now I feel sick and bloated and I have a head ache again.

I am going to bed now as I am feeling worse, so I think il down a cup of lemsip with a bit of panadol and just drag myself to school tomorrow and head straight to the gym afterwards. I also have netball later on tomorrow evening so will just power through the day I guess. Wish me luck, because with the way I’m feeling at this very moment I am gonna need it!

Peace out. Love J.L





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