Week9;Day 57: 2nd month photos, measurements and weight up today!

23 08 2011

Hello hello!

So this morning, as per my face book comment, I woke up feeling like absolute shiiiite! My throat was filled to the max with gunk, I couldn’t breath through my nose, and hearing myself try just made me feel even worse. I had a headache and an achy body but my tummy soreness had gone away…hoooorah! I dropped Jeremy in to school and felt way too sick to go in to class, so when I got home I drank a lemsip straight away and the next step was to cuddle back up in to bed….but….magically with in 10 minutes, I felt cured. I looked at the clock and it was 9:10am, awesome… Just in time to get into my gym gear for 9.30am flex class were my exact thoughts! lol

I got to the gym and weighed in straight away, and my results… 1 whole kilogram down! so now I am down to 105.1kg with a total of 6.6kgs lost. I set up my little corner with my bar weights for my legs, another bar weight for my arms, my dumbbell weights and my box step. So class was extremely hard today, not only because Im not my 100% self but also the instructor mentioned that this was probably the hardest class she has done in about 2 months.

  Side view 26/6/11                                    Side view 23/8/11


 Back view 26/6/11                                  Back view 23/8/11


  Front view 26/6/11                                              Front view 23/8/11

Class was an hour as usual, we did a squat track, chest, bicep and tricep, back, lunge and tummy track. While doing the last lunge track my legs were shaking uncontrollably. It was crazy, and the lady behind me whispered if I was ok. “Yeah, I’m fine” I replied, trying to mask the worried look I had on my face just two seconds before she had asked. I had to sit for about 10 minutes after the class just because my head was spinning and I felt a little light headed as well. But after that I went home to do some work, some study, some cleaning before mum and dad got home this evening and then met Jeremy to meet the importer of our new business and put our orders through for this week.

Weight Loss


Current Weight

Amount Lost  (–)

Total Amount Lost

 28/6/11  111.7kgs    
 5/7/11  109.6kgs  2.1kgs  2.1 kgs  
 12/7/11  108.9kgs  0.7kgs  2.8kgs
 19/7/11  108.1kgs  0.8kgs   3.6kgs
 26/7/11  107.3kgs  0.8kgs  4.4kgs  
 2/8/11  106.6kgs  0.7kgs  5.1kgs
 9/8/11  106.6kgs     –  5.1kgs  
16/8/11   106.1kgs  0.5kgs   5.6kgs  
 23/8/11  105.1kgs  1.0kgs  6.6kgs

This evening our girls netball game was at 8.20pm which gave a lot of time to study before hand. We got to the game and I felt relatively ok, a bit congested and slightly fatigued but if you know me, ignore these signals and put my game face on and play hard until I’m about to faint, and this is exactly what happened today! After the third quarter I could barely see… correction….I was seeing 5 different balls, so decided to play attack for the last quarter. Well that didn’t help and once the game had finished I sprinted to the loos, vomited a little and then flaked out on the bench and my poor Jeremy had to carry me out.


 Date    Chest     Arm    Waist     Hips    Thigh
28/06/11    114cm    37cm    106cm    120cm    75cm
26/07/11    109cm    37cm    100cm    116cm    69cm
      23/08/11   106.8cm    39cm    96.5cm    113.5cm    66cm

He took me home, helped me into the shower, dressed me and is now helping me write this blog! Well that’s what he signed up to when he proposed huh??? haha

I’m all worn out now and am going to the docs with mum tomorrow morning hopefully before school as I don’t want to miss out on crit.

Love to you all…and yay for 2 months down only 10 more to go……ahhhhhh!

Love J.L





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